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Because Tekken 3 is not made for PC. It was made for playstation actually. So if you ever get a chance to play on playstation, you will see the ending. Even for pc version we use emulators to play as we know that it is not for pc :)

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โˆ™ 2013-03-16 18:03:12
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Q: Why PC do not show tekken 3 ending?
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Where can you get the Tekken 3 installer for PC?

You can download it's full version (Tekken 3 For PC) on this website:

How do you download tekken?

Are you talking about PC or ps3? Which version of tekken are you talking about? Tekken 3 exists for PC. Tekken 5 dr can be downloaded for ps3 online store.

Where do you download Tekken 3?

You can download it's full version (Tekken 3 For PC) on this website:

Where can you download Tekken 3 full game?

You can download it's full version (Tekken 3 For PC) on this website:

Tekken jin kazama's ending?

jin died in tekken 3 when heichei shot a gun on his head

How do you get devil jin on tekken 3?

You can't, Devil Jin first comes out in Tekken 4, in the ending of Jin's story, and then he is first playable in Tekken 5.

How do you install Tekken 5 on PC?

You can't! It is a PlayStation game only, which means it does not install or play on other platforms (like PC), but in some cases there are emulators that can run PS2 games on PC, but I have not seen a working one for Tekken 5 yet. I tried one for Tekken 3 and was cool (ePSX)

How can i play takken3 on xp?

Tekken 3 is a PlayStation-only game. It was never released for the PC / Windows.

Could Tekken Tag be set between Tekken 2 and Tekken 3?

Tekken Tag Tournament is set after Tekken 3, but it is non-canonical. It has all the characters from the past 3 Tekken games.

How do you select Jun Kazama in Tekken 3?

Jun is not in tekken 3 shes in tekken 2

Is there a tekken 3?

Yes Tekken 3 was released in 1994.

What is the password to install tekken 3?

my password tekken 3

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