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He already was a Duke. His title of Prince of Wales outranks that of a Duke.

His titles are:-

Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, Prince and Great Steward of Scotland

He is also a Royal Knight of the orders of the Garter, Thistle and a Knight Grand Cross of the order of Bath. He has several other titles too.

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Q: Why Prince Charles was not given title of duke when he marry Princess Diana?
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Who helped Princess Diana become famous?

Diana became famous when she married Prince Charles. She was styled and given help by the royal court.

Where did Kate Middletons engagement ring come from?

the engagement ring originally belonged to the late Princess Diana. it was given to Diana by Prince Charles for their engagement.

What was Princess Dianas family name?

Princess Diana lost the â??Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Walesâ?? and came to be known as Diana, Princess of Wales, following her divorce from Prince Charles. As the mother of the future king of England, she was afforded the same privileges she had known during her marriage.

What is the birth name of Princess Diana?

Princess Diana's full name was Diana Frances Spencer. At the time of her death, she was referred to as Diana, Princess of Wales; she in fact was not given the title "Princess" alone. Diana is often referred to as Lady Diana Spencer rather than Diana, Princess of Wales, due to the tradition of referring to deceased women by their maiden name and title.

Why Princess Diana was princess?

She was a Princess because she married Prince Charles and she was of Royal blood. She was a Lady. That's the best answer this American can give off me head. Any Brits know better? Diana was not of royal blood, although she came from a titled family. She was technically a commoner (an irrelevant matter in any case); on marrying a prince a woman is given the title of Princess. Similarly, Kate Middleton is now known as Princess Catherine, as well as her title of Duchess of Cambridge.

What did Prince William give Kate Middleton for an engagement present?

The beautiful blue sapphire ring that Prince Willliam gave to Kate Middleton for their engagment actually belonged to Princess Diana, Williams mother who died in a car crash in Paris and was given to her for also, a engagment ring between the happy couple then (royal wedding) Princess Diana, and Prince Charles.

Why diud Price Charles called Prince of Wales?

Prince Charles is called the Prince of Wales because that is the title traditionally given to the next in line to the throne. Every king or queen was first the prince or princess of Wales.

What were Princess Diana's favorite items?

Diana just adored her sapphire diamond earrings that matched her engagement ring. They were given to her by Charles on her wedding day in1981. They now belong to Williams new wife Catherine.

Will Prince William be Prince of wales?

No. That title has been given to his father, Prince Charles.

If george straight is the king of country which singers are the prince and princess?

There is not a prince or princess in country. The name king was given to George Strait by his fans.

Will William be the prince of Wales?

No. That title has been given to his father, Prince Charles.

Why is camilla not called princess?

Camilla was married and then divorced before marrying Charles. The British monarchy has rules concerning divorce and are strict. By having been divorced, she became ineligible to be given a royal title. She has stated that she has never sought to be a princess. I think Princess Diana's tragic death, has something to do with that.