Why Socrates was hanged?

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Socrates was hung do to his vocal criticism of democracy in Athens. He was often heard praising Sparta, Athens' archrival, He also was told by the oracle that while many wise men in Athens thought themselves wise they in fact were not. He went on to question many notable figures in Athens Society and determined this fact. He knew he himself was not wise and paradoxically made himself wiser, as he was the only one aware of his own ignorance. This wisdom made many prominent Athenians look foolish and proceeded to turn them against him. He was then taken to court and sentenced for corrupting the Athenian youth and not believing in the gods of the state.
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Where was Socrates born?

Socrates was born in Athens, Greece, in 469 BC and died 70 years later in 399 BC after he was exiled from Greece for his new ways of teaching.

How was socrates a sophist?

Okay, well, my viewpoint is: the reason why one could argue that Socrates was a "common" sophist (being payed for knowledge) is, because he also got payed for his knowledge, more often with (personal) favours than with monay, but he was payed. so far the conventional Sophist. deeper: sophist ( Full Answer )

What did socrates invent?

Socrates invented the Socratic Method. This is a method thatencourages people to think on their own.

What is the philosophy of Socrates?

When you do not know, you say nothing. When you do know, sometimes, you do say something useful. . Sorry, this is not the philosophy of Socrates. The philosophy of Socrates is called dialectism. Not the one that you know from Hegel. Dialectism has nothing to do with Thesis, antithesis and synthesi ( Full Answer )

How did Socrates die?

He died after facing charges such as 'not acknowledging the godsthat the city acknowledged' and 'introducing new deities'. Whensentenced to death he died by drinking a hemlock based liquid.. Another view: . The religious-based charges were a cover for the real problem -he had encouraged the youth ( Full Answer )

What did socrates write?

Unfortunately, Socrates never wrote anything because he believed that teaching should be asking others what they think on that particular subjects. What we know about him is from his admirer Plato.

Why was Socrates killed?

He asked a lot of questions, forcing people to reflect on themselves and question their fundamental beliefs, including their faith in democracy. Because of this, he was charged with corrupting the youth and impiety, and he was sentenced to death by drinking poison.

Who was Socrates?

Socrates was a gifted thinker who helped lay the foundation ofwestern philosophy. He was born in 470 BC, in Athens, Greece. Themethods he used and the concepts he proposed, along with hiscourageous defense of his ideas against his enemies, profoundlyinfluenced the philosophical and moral tenor of we ( Full Answer )

How old is Socrates?

The Greek philosopher Socrates was about 70 years old when he diedin 399 BC (Born circa 470-469 BC). Brazilian footballer Sócrates ( Sócrates Brasileiro Sampaio deSouza Vieira de Oliveira ) was 57 when he died on December 4,2011 (born February 19, 1954)

Is socrates a sophist?

Socrates was an opponent of the Sophists. He believed that theSophists only taught opinions instead of teaching students to findthe truth for themselves.

What is socratic wisdom?

Socratic wisdom is best described as feigned ignorance. Also knownas 'intellectual humility,' it is an attempt to remain objectiveregardless of what one may know to be true. In Socrates' own words:'All I know is that I know nothing.'

Who taught Socrates?

Socrates was not taught philosophy by anyone. He was curious and began to question everything, and by questioning he learned. Socrates taught himself the art of philosophy.

What was the significance of Socrates?

He influenced western civilization's government and some religions. Finally, he paved the way and effected greatly the mind of thinking men every where.

What was Socrates famous for?

Socrates was famous for philosophical wisdom and the socratic method. he is a very famous greek!

What did socrates study?

The greatest study and contribution by Socrates to Westernphilosophy is a concept known as â??The Socratic Method.â?? Thebasis of this method is to contribute ideas through discussion thathelp students make their own stand on reality. This method ofeducation is question driven and discussion b ( Full Answer )

Who is Socrates?

A Philosopher from Athens Greece. He never wrote anything but was the teacher of Plato who started the first University. Plato was in turn the teacher of Aristotle whose writings are basically the foundation of all European and Western education. Before Socrates Philosophers for the most part arg ( Full Answer )

What were the contributions of Socrates?

Socrates founded the Socratic Method of questioning. He believed in improvement of the individual, and was executed by hemlock for corrupting the youth of Athens by teaching them to think for themselves.

Who was Socrates and what did he do?

He is one of the most mentioned and important philosophers in Western Philosophy, who spent his life asking people at the market zone about life questions, such as What is virtue? He realized he knew nothing at all, whereas his usual interlocutors thought they knew everything! And that made him wise ( Full Answer )

Why how and when did Socrates die?

Socrates died from a poisonous juice, he died because peoplethought he was pushing them around, he died on 399 B.C

What is Socrates philosophy?

he beliefs of Socrates, as distinct from those of Plato, are difficult to discern. Little in the way of concrete evidence exists to demarcate the two. The lengthy theories given in most of the dialogues are those of Plato, and some scholars think Plato so adapted the Socratic style as to make the li ( Full Answer )

What was socrates contribution?

Socrates contribution was teaching. He taught by asking questions. He believed people must never stop looking for knowledge. Today we his type of teaching the Socratic method.

Who killed socrates?

No one. Well you could say that the Athens government did, because they sentenced him to death. But he did not want to be killed so he poisoned himself and died amongst friends.

What is Socratic irony?

Essentially, irony occurs when you expect one thing and get the opposite.. Because he was a well-known philosopher in ancient Athens, one might approach Socrates with the reasonable expectation that he would have some standard arguments for certain fundamental positions. Instead, he was famous for ( Full Answer )

Was socrates guilty?

No Socrates was not at all guilty, and only few of the jury sided the verdict. . YES Socrates was guilty. He swore that he was not an athiest, but he was a true athiest. He slandered the gods, cursed them,taught bad things about them. he also corrupted the youth by teaching his students about the g ( Full Answer )

What is Socrates' legacy?

Socrates is considered to be The Founder of Western Philosophy and one of the most important humans to have ever lived. He has influenced countless philosophers, including his disciple, Plato, and Plato's student, Aristotle. Socrates provided the basis for modern ethics and epistemic thought.

What did Socrates achieve?

Socrates specialized in debate and showed how proper argument,debate and discussion could path the way to understanding difficultsubjects. He believed that any political issue, despite its topic,can be tied into moral issues just beneath the surface.

What Socrates did as a living?

Socrates was a Greek philosopher and teacher as well. the Greeksbelieved that you give your child to us for the first four years.And what we teach, he will never forget.

Why was Socrates poisened?

Socrates was seen as an enemy to the state because he was said to be influencing the young people in the wrong ways (they believed that he denied the existence of the gods). He was charged, and the agreement was that he would not poison himself, as punishment, unless he admitted that he had committe ( Full Answer )

Is Socrates Black?

He was most likely Greek, as his parents were Althenian citizens, and Althenian citizenship was unlikely to be bestowed upon foreigners. There is also no indication of him being different from his fellow citizens in the writings of his contemporaries, who would have seized upon such an opportunity w ( Full Answer )

Was socrates executed?

Yes, Socrates was executed by the Athenians after being accused of disrupting the minds of youthful people :P

Was Socrates an atheist?

Too little is known about Socrates to be certain of his beliefs, but a contemporary claimed that Socrates believed in a "divine insanity" as a gift from the gods - which gave us poetry, mysticism, love and philosophy. If this truly was his belief then he would be considered a polytheist.

What is your impression of Socrates?

Socrates is one of the greatest philosophers that has ever lived.Because he belonged to the appropriate time period, he is one ofthe few who could entertain any contradictions to Plato andAristotle.

Who was influenced by Socrates?

Here is a short list of those influenced by Socrates. (Most important|Major). Alcibiades. Antisthenes. Aristippus. Aristippus - Cyrenaics. Euclid of Megara. Plato. Stoics. Xenophon

What were Socrates paid for?

Socrates was paid by people who talked to him. most people who me him in Athens town square just got annoyed with him, but some came to him, and those were the people who paid him. it is the same for most philosophers of that time.

What did socrates parents do?

his mom(Phaenarete) was a midwife, which was someone(usually a woman) who helped people with child birth. His dad (Sophroniscus) was a stone cutter/carver who worked with stone.

Did socrates persuade?

It depends on your perspective, he used the Socratic Method to 'persuade' people into thinking the way in which he wanted them to.

Why was socrates misunderstood?

Socrates was a gifted thinker of ancient Athens who helped lay thefoundation of western philosophy. The methods he used and theconcepts he proposed, along with his courageous defense of hisideas against his enemies, profoundly influenced the philosophicaland moral tenor of western thought over the c ( Full Answer )

Was socrates a rationalist?

Yes, Plato and Socrates believed that they proved knowledge was innate by giving a maths problem to a slave boy and getting him to work it out without assistance, only indicating when what he said was wrong; thereby, they demonstrated how the knowledge needed to solve the problem was not acquired, s ( Full Answer )

What was Socrates to Plato?

Socrates was Plato's Teacher. Plato was Socrates' most prized student. After Socrates' death, Plato began to write accounts of Socrates' dialogues. (sorry for the basic answer, i don't know how much detail you wanted). ~element

What was the socratic period?

In terms of Philosophy; Socratic Period is the period or time of the Greek Philosophers: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle

What was Socrates was accused of?

he was accused for refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state and of corrupting the youth.

Who was Socrates and why was he important?

Socrates was a philosopher who concentrated on teaching young men.After a life of hard work, serving in the army and public service,he became seen as an enemy to the state because he was influencingthe young people to think for themselves rather than follow theaccepted ideas and causes blindly. His ( Full Answer )

Why was socrates poisoned?

Socrates was poisoned for his anti-democratic views of society. On a day in 399 BC the philosopher Socrates stood before a jury of 500 of his fellow Athenians accused of "refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state" and of "corrupting the youth." The jurors later found him guilty by a vot ( Full Answer )

Is the socratic method named after Socrates?

Yes this was named after the Greek Philosopher Socrates. The socratic debate is one opinion set against that of anothers opinion as to form a logical set of ideas to form an opinion of ones beliefs.

Was Socrates a god?

By definition, Socrates was not a god. He was a mortal human being, albeit a brilliant one. He may seem that way sometimes, though.

What do you think about Socrates?

The answer to this question depends on who is asked it. Most would agree that Socrates was one of the most influential and brilliant philosophical scholars to have ever lived, however. He is considered the Founder of Western Philosophy and the first of the "Big Three."

How is Socrates pronounced?

Socrates is an ancient philosopher of Greece. He is best known through the works of his student Plato. The Philosopher's name is enunciated Sock-Ra-Tease.

What was Socrates concerned to do?

To teach people to think for themselves, and so steer the stateaway from the self-indulgence it fostered and into logical andright-thinking according to the values he encouraged them toidentify and follow.