Why US wanted California?


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bacaues it is an awesome state

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because Americans wanted to expand across the continent

Because America at the time, felt it was their right and duty to expand across the continent to to Pacific. The US wanted California for its great port cities along the Pacific, cities such as San Francisco and San Diego. James K. Polk also wanted to gain California from Mexico because he did not want the British to claim it.

Because California, New Mexico, & Texas wanted to separate from Mexico, and become part of the US

The land that encompassed California already belonged to the US through a treaty with Mexico after the Mexican war. California wanted to be a state probably to protect itself (it was gold rush time) and to take advantage of the opportunities for self-government that statehood offered.

The rest of the US is west of California. California is a part of the US.

The US invaded Mexico and took the land they wanted. This included Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

No. It was a means to get California, the true objective of the Mexican-American War (1846-1848).

They wanted money They wanted to be rich

No, they wanted no part of it

Vader 81ermost wanted in gardena, california

The north wanted the US out, the south wanted the US to stay.

He came to California because he wanted to build some missions

California stayed with the Union side; though there were some Californians who wanted to join the Confederacy instead. There were also significant numbers of people who wanted California to become an independent country.

California is the third largest US state.

California has 53 US Representatives in the US Congress.

three large towns or cities called Dallas in the US Dallas Texas to California= Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California. Dallas Georgia To California = Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California Dallas Oregon, = Oregon, California

because he wanted gold he also left in the 1848`s

Because the US wanted the Mexican States of Alta California and Nuevo Mexico as a part of the grand plan called "Manifest Destiny".

* California has two US Senators. * California has 53 US Representatives. * California has 40 State Senators. * California has 80 State Assemblymen.

On the west coast of the US between Oregon and Baja California Mexico.

because he wanted to pee thier

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