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UV could potentially kill bacteria because UV light waves are of high energy, and can break the bonds in DNA, causing problems including death.

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Q: Why UV kills bacteria?
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What is the effect of UV light on bacteria growth?

Kills it

What bacteria does UV light kill?

UV light kills microorganisms, such as fungus and molds.

Does UV light sterilize utensils?

UV light radiation kills bacteria and can sterilize utensils (UV rays are used to sterilize goggles in the laboratory, for example.

Why UV water is not harmful for drinking?

because it kills micro-organisms & bacteria

Does a uv sterilizer kill the beneficial bacteria in a fish tank?

UV light kills whatever bacteria passes through it. Since there is no way to separate the good from the bad bacteria in an Aquarium, the UV filter must obviously kill good bacteria too. This will inevitably weaken the occupant fishes immune systems making them more prone to disease.

What bacteria does 254 nm and 185 nm uv kill?

bacteria and viruses and microorganisms. I think 185nm kills some organic stuff.

What microorganism kills bacteria?

Penecillin (a Fungi) kills bacteria

How is waste water treated in NEW WATER?

they are treated with strong UV rays, then the good bacteria kills germs in it so it will be safe to drink.LOL :)

Why smoke kills bacteria?

Smoking can humans so do kills bacteria..

What is it that kills bacteria in tin cans?

Heat kills the bacteria inside cans.

What acid kills bacteria?

Stomach acid kills bacteria, which is hydrochloric acid.

What process kills harmful bacteria with heat?

pasteurization kills bacteria with heat

Does UV light kill ring worm?

yes the UV light kills the fungus

What organ kills bacteria?

The organ that kills bacteria is the stomach. The stomach produces acids that kill the bacteria as it digests food.

What is UV radiation sterilization?

UV radiation is used to destroy bacteria, thereby sterilizing a surface on which bacteria were manipulated by a scientist.

What is the most effective water purification system that can be used in a house?

The most effective water purification system that can be used in a house is a UV light water filtration system. The UV light kills about 99% of all bacteria living in the water.

What do UV rays kill?

UV rays (Ultra violent rays) kills plants and humans.

What hot sauce kills bacteria the most?

It contains pepper which is acidic so it kills the bacteria

What is the medical term meaning a substance that kills bacteria?

An antibacterial or a bacteriocidic substance kills bacteria.

What effect does a high level of UV light have on phytoplankton?

the UV light kills single-celled organisms

What is ultraviolet water disinfection?

Ultraviolet (UV) light kills bacteria and viruses in water. The light shines through the water, which must be clear. It does not add a scent or taste to the water.

What does high temperature do to bacteria in food?

It kills the bacteria.

Which antibacterial hand soap kills the most bacteria?

i think that the antibacterial soap that kills the most bacteria is dial soap.

What mold kills bacteria?

The bacteria-killing mold is penicillin.

How does pH kills bacteria?

disruption of the bacteria's cytoplasmic membrane