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It was found to be more fundamental than the other laws. It should therefore be the first law, but at that time, renumbering all the laws was deemed impractical, since the terms "First Law" and "Second Law" were already well-established.

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State and explain first law of thermodynamics?

The first law of thermodynamics is also called the law of conservation of energy.it may be stated as: 1st Statement: in this universe energy can neither be created nor destroyed though it may change from one form to another.

Did Galileo discovered the Solar System?

Galileo discovered it though his teleascope

When and where was it discovered the Dalton's laws?

It was discovered in 1801, I don't know where though.

What year was Nick Jonas discovered?

i THINK he was discovered in 2003 not positivie though

Is there an alternate term for the Trail of Tears?

yes, though what it truly is has not been discovered yet, it has been called(an) alternate name(s)

What was the date when nitrogen was discovered?

it was discovered in 1772. i dont know what month or day it was though :(

What new things did Columbus discover?

He discovered new people who he called the indies because he though he landed in India. He also discoevered north america.

What was the sea route though North America called?

The sought-after sea passage from Atlantic to Pacific was called the Northwest Passage. As explorers eventually discovered, no such passage existed south of the Arctic Ocean.

How did they discover a camera?

They didn't they discovered penisis though haha

Why were Indians called Indians?

They were called that because Christopher Columbus, the man who EVERYONE thinks discovered the new world, (even though Leif Erickson & other Norsemen were the ones who really discovered it) called them Indians, thinking that he and his trusty crew had landed in India. Later, he discovered his mistake and made his crew swear to never tell anyone they didn't actually land in India, but in a whole new continent all together.

Who discovered svalbard?

William Barentz discovered it in 1596 (with the Dutch), though it may have been visited centuries prior by Scandinavians.

Who discovered vitamins?

Though someone named James Watt as the person who discovered vitamins, it was actually Polish biochemist Casimir Funk who discovered, isolated and named vitamins.

When was the Galileo telescope discovered?

The telescope was not discovered, it was invented. It was not invented by Galileo though he did improve those he saw. No telescope made by Galileo personally has ever been discovered

Who discovered the bacteria killing chemical called Penicillin?

In 1928, bacteriologist Sir Alexander Fleming, a British bacteriologist accidentally discovered penicillin. Though medical use began shortly after that, it was not until 1941 that Howard Florey purified and tested penicillin.

Who was the first person that came up with idea of atoms?

Democrities in the VERY early ages. He was experiementing and though that there was a particle that could not be broken down further, he called this atomos or atomAcatually, Democrities was not the first person to disover the atom. Thales, who lived about 150 years before Democrities, discovered the atom. He said that all matter was made of water. Later, Anaximander refined this theory and came up with a crude verson of modern thermodynamics. Democrities, later, refined these theroies again and called them atoms.

Who discovered friction and when?

Leonardo Da Vinci dont know when though

Did fransico Pizarro discover Mexico?

No. He discovered and conquered Peru, though.

How did Avril get discovered?

She was discovered while performing in a local book store. It took convincing for her to get her parents to let her sign the contract though.

Who discover silver?

It wasn't really discovered by anybody it's just here, it was first "discovered" 3000 years B.C though.

When was magnetism discovered?

Though I don't know the date, i know it was discovered in the Zhou Dynasty (1045-256 BCE) of ancient China.

Why is Iceland mainly green but has ice in the name?

It's called Iceland even though it's green cause, the people who discovered them didn't know what the CHIZZ they're talking about.!.

What planet discovered in 846 is named after the greek god of the sea?

Neptune was discovered in 1846. Though it was first observed in 1612 by Galileo Galilei.

Why is oxygen called oxygen?

The name the name oxygen essentially means acid-maker. When oxygen was first discovered to be an element it was believed to be in all acids, though we know now that is not true.

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