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Q: Why a bell indicator is used in hotels etc?
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Can WiFi be used at home as well as at hotels, etc?

WiFi can be used in some hotels but not all.

What is an indicator for acid and bases?

An indicator is used to detect the presence of acid or base. The examples of indicators are litmus paper, methyl orange etc.

What is a daily consumption register used in hotels?

A daily consumption register is how hotels keep track of what is used on a daily basis. This keeps track of how many towels, sheets, soaps, etc. are used and how to keep costs down.

What are examples of an indicator?

The examples of an indicator are-litmus paper, methyl orange, phenolpthalin etc.

What are the duties of a bell boy?

Commonly the duties of a bell boy are to bring up luggage, mail, packages, etc. to someone in hotels and higher end apartments. Also, they show people to hotel rooms, and complete small personal errands. Hope that helps :)

Are there any hotels for seniors?

I don't think there are hotels that are specifically for elderly, but they do have hotels that have handicap access, etc. There are senior centers and group homes.

What is kenyas human characteristics?

beaches, hotels etc

What are types of hotels?

1. resorts 2. motels 3. Flotels 4. commercial hotels... etc...

Where are magnetic relays used?

They are used in lamps, heaters, automatic door locking, starters of motor cars, the electric bell, etc.

What are computers used for at hotels?

Mainly general office work (typing, accounts, orders etc). Also they're used in reception to track which rooms are occupied.

What state has the most Lanzarote Hotels?

Lanzarote Hotels does not currently have any hotels in the United States of America. They do have locations in Costa Teguise, Puerto Del Carmen, Playa Blanca, etc.

In what different gadegets are electro magnets used in?

Electromagnet is used in electric bell, loudspeakers, telephones, electric motors, fans, refrigerator, washing machines etc

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