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Why a career in banking appeal to you?

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hard worker

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Why would a career in banking appeal to you?

i enjoy working with defferent people of share the ideas and advicing people.

What types of jobs are there at banks?

There are numerous of different career paths at the bank. You need to specify which career path you are looking into. ie. Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Private Banking, Commercial banking. etc.

What is the nature of banking as business?

Whilst banking is a lucrative career choice, it can cause a lot of stress. Banking is a high pressure career and this can often negatively impact the health.

Career objective for banking sector?

A career objective for the banking sector includes helping individuals manage their finances. Another objective could be to gain experience in the banking industry.

What is a career objective for banking?


What sort of ting motivate you to this career in banking?

Banking procedure management of finance and loan

Why a engineering student choose a banking career?

I chose banking because of my affinity for figures.

Why banking as a career?

you get paid really good.

What appeals to you most about Banking and joining Bank?

One of the main attractions of a career in banking is the salary. Although the entry level salary is modest, banking offers many opportunities for promotion. Those in the banking industry are often awarded bonuses, which are a great attraction to the career.

Why to join banking sector?

The banking sector is essentially where all the money in the world is at. To join the banking sector marks the start of a lucrative career.

Why to choose a career in banking?

You may want to choose a career in banking if you enjoy numbers and a challenge. Perhaps you are more interested in accounting than in working with people for example.

Why you choose banking career?

Banking sector is one of the rapidly growing sector & there are lots of opportunities to grow career in this field. In today's banking does not mean just to lend or deposit the money, it is something more beyond that and also it is being considered as a good job.

Why did you chose banking career?

<a href="" rel="dofollow">Career Opportunities</a> [url=""]Career Opportunities[/url]

'career aspiration of a banker'?

do banking exams and come to a good post

What career has the most money but the shortest schooling time?

Investment Banking

How does communication skills in the banking sector enhance banking career?

Banking involves public dealing all the time, so a clear and appropriate delivery of messages is very necessary.

Where can I find more information on banking courses?

There are several online colleges that offer banking classes for people who want a career in banking. Here is one such website:

What skills are needed for a career in Banking?

Skills needed for a career in banking include the skills one would learn if one earned a MBA. One also needs to have excellent people management skills and a desire to work in a fast-paced and competitive work environment which is the world of banking.

Why do you feel you are suited to this role in a job interview?

1.Why would a career in banking appeal to you? 2.Are you a South African Citizen by birth, decent or naturalisation? 3.If naturalisation, what is the date of naturalisation and Country of birth? If this is not applicable please indicate by N/A below:

Why do youchoose banking?

People choose banking for different reasons. Some people like to invest their money in saving accounts as banks. People who like handling money may choose banking as a career.

Is an insurance career a good paying job?

Yes, an insurance career is a good paying job. It is intellectually very challenging (much more so than banking), and it is far more stable than the banking world. Go for it!

What has the author Dorcas Elisabeth Campbell written?

Dorcas Elisabeth Campbell has written: 'Your career in banking' -- subject(s): Bankers, Banks and banking, Vocational guidance

How can you get into a career in the banking industry?

You will have a better chance in the banking industry if you at least have an associate degree in in business or finance. Many positions are not open to anyone who does not have a degree. Try internships or trainee positions if you are serious about breaking into the banking industry.

Why are you keen to do customer service?

i would like to set my career in banking line customer service

Why do you as an individual want to pursue your career in banking industry?

because you dont want to be used by some one else in other words have a boss that is always telling you what to do and because if you dont finished a career than you're **** . in these case i would like to finish my career in banking industries, first because they get peid good and is not that much work you have to do!@