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Q: Why a patient with copd requires limited amounts of oxygene therapy?
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What risks exist for the patient in undergoing palliative cancer therapy?

Patients taking opioids for pain relief can develop tolerance and dependence. Tolerance develops when a patient requires increasing amounts of medication to produce pain reduction. Dependence shows characteristic withdrawal.

Is patient the same as be patient?

Being patient means waiting for something without being bothered with having to wait. A patient is a person who requires medical care. A patient is a noun.

What is the definition of the word patient?

A person who requires medical care.

What is the individual record of the amounts owed and paid by each patient called?


Which patient category requires notification upon admission?

all of the above

What is the amount of a drug that should be given to the patient?

It depends upon the patient's condition..more appropriate answer requires more details.

The patient has recently been started on an anticholinergic medication which symptom reported by the patient requires immediate interventionon the part of the LPN?

Persistent Vomiting

What is the cpt code for when patient requires the lysis of post-circumcision penile adhesions?


What color triage tag would be used for a patient that requires immediate treatment?


When the nurse is assessing a new patient in a clinic which medications would be of most concern?

the patient has severe asthma and requires frequent therapy with oral steroids

What patient requires contact isolation?

Contact isolation is used for patient's who have or have had an illness that is spreadable by contact with the person or items that the patient may have touched. Examples of contact isolation conditions are patient's with active c-diff, MRSA, VRE, etc.

What is the cpt code for consultation with the parent without the patient being present?

Any evaluation and management services rendered requires the patient to be present (face-to-face). There is not an evaluation and managment code for without patient.