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Since the "normal force" is zero.

(An example of a "normal force" is the upward force exerted by something as a reaction to the weight of an object which is on it.)

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It's a bit like being in a fast moving elevator (a "lift"), but more extreme. When the elevator goes down, you feel a bit lighter.

Gravity is pulling you down just the same, but it's not pulling you into the falling elevator floor quite so hard.

On a space station you are in "free fall".

You and the spacecraft and everything in it are "falling" at the same rate.

The chair would not push up on you.

That makes you feel "weightless".

(Of course you don't fall to Earth because you also have a "forward velocity"

too and that keeps you in orbit.)

We sense gravity mainly by the fact that chairs, floors, etc resist the down force of our weight and push upwards on us.

(Actually the Earth's gravity is a bit weaker in space. In the International Space station it's about 90% of the Earth's surface gravity. But that's not the

reason you feel weightless.)

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Q: Why a person sitting on a chair in satellite feels weightless?
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