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accidents are mainly caused by carelessness

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How long after the accident would whiplash occur?

Whip lash can not occur "after" an accident. It "occurs during" an accident.Answerstrait away

How a nuclear accident occur?

There are many ways a nuclear accident may occur, however most nuclear power plant accident occur due to problem in an reactor.

How do most oil spills occur?

by accident

Where did this accident occur?

In the St. Antoine district in Paris (A+LS)

When did the Chile mining accident occur?

august 5, 2010

When did Exxon Valdez accident occur?

March 24, 1989

Who is at fault in accident which occur on a freeway on ramp?

the cars fault-obviously

How did Stephen hawking's accident occur?

Stephen Hawking did not have an accident. When he was in college he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease which led to his current condition.

What is the medical term meaning wound or injury that might occur in an accident?


What should you do immediately do when any accident occur s in the lab?

You tell the teacher.

What are the bad effects of having a weapon?

in the event of an accident many bad things can occur

WHAT IS accident prone area?

It is a name given to a place or a road where accidents occur frequently.

Near which city did a serious mining accident occur on August 5?

Copiapo, Chile.

Was creating photography an accident?

The discovery of light-sensitive chemical compounds was an accident -- but one that was bound to occur eventually. After that, it was all a lot of experimentation and hard work.

What are three different types of accidents or sudden illness that may occur in a social care settings?

accident or sudden illnesses that may occur in a social care setting

Why road accident occur?

people are texting or making calls and that's killing people every day!

What is the primary purpose of accident reporting?

To enable the Army to identify lessons learned, Army-wide problems, and problematic trends To record the when, what, where, why, and how the accident occurred and make improvements so it will not occur again.

Does your personal auto insurance cover an accident that might occur while driving for business purposes in a sales job?


What injuries can occur if you don't wear a seat belt?

Injuries that occur in a car as a result of a person not wearing their seat belt depends on the accident. If the impact is strong enough, they can be thrown from the car.

Under which conditions do most boating accident occur?

Most boating accidents occur when the weather is calm and clear and winds are light. The main cause of boating accidents is human error.

What is the safest child care seat?

Not in the front but middle area so if any accident occur the child will not get much damage

Why did the accident of the Titanic occur?

The Titanic hit an iceburg. Or, maybe the iceburg hit the Titanic. Either way, the iceburg won.

Do people stop playing extreme sports when accidents occur?

sometimes the person that is hurt does if its a real accident not just a scratch

Can children ski in Antarctica?

No. First, there are no children in Antarctica, and second, there are only minimal medical services there should an accident occur.

The off duty activity that results in the greatest number of accident and disabling injuries include everything except?

This would be talking on your cell phone. Many people will do this while driving and cause a major accident to occur.