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I would say it can only be one of two things. Either the belt is not the correct size for your vehicle or the tensioner is not installed correctly (or no longer functioning properly).

-we had a 97 with a cracked tensioner and that's what it did so pop the tensioner off and vuisually inspect it. that's probably your problem. we have replaced ours twice. good luck

2011-09-13 22:06:19
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What color does Saturn appear in?

what color is Saturn

In what order does planet Saturn appear in the Solar System?

Saturn is the 6th planet in the Solar System.

What color does Saturn appear as?

A pale yellow is the main color.

What are the name of the Planet next to Saturn?

Define "next to". The order going outward from the Sun is Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus. However, Saturn can appear in the sky "next to" any of the other planets.

What would someone look like on Saturn?

It really depends of the distance between you and Saturn they may appear if they did they would be a dot if not you wont see them

What color does Saturn appear from Earth?

it appears to be yellow and brownish from all the gasses in it.

Why does Saturn appear squashed?

becuase of its rings

Does Saturn have any satellites?

Saturn has at least 62 "natural satellites" or moons, in addition to many small "moonlets" that appear within the ring system.

What planet is Saturn next to?

The planet Saturn is next the planets Jupiter and Uranus. It is famous for being the only planet with what appear to be rings that float around the planet.

Can you see Saturn at night without a telescope?

If the conditions are right, then yes you can, and it will appear as bright as a star.

Why do saturns rings appear and disappear?

Twice in every orbital rotation of Saturn, its rings appear edge-on to us and become invisible. That happens about every 15 years.

Does Saturn have what looks like canals on its surface?

No. Mars, however, may appear to have canals if you don't look closely.

Write the names of the planets in the order which they appear?

mercury,venus,earth,mars,jupiter,saturn,uranus,and Neptune

Why does the atmosphere of Saturn appear to have only half the helium content of Jupiter?

Much of Saturn's helium has differentiated towards its center.

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Start your tweet with @username (replacing 'username' with their actual username) Your tweet will then appear in their 'mentions' tab.

When replacing the shock absorbers on a 1994 Toyota Camry is it necessary to install new stoppers rubber bumpers?

If they appear to be in good condition, then NO, do not replace them.

What is a antiquate?

Antiquate has many definitions including; # To make old-fashioned by replacing by something better. # To design or create causing to appear antique.

What does Saturn look like from space?

Saturn looks like a ball that has been flattened from the top and bottom. This flattening is due to its speedy rotation around its axis. Although the other gaseous planets also appear flat from the top and bottom, Saturn appears the flattest. Its is tannish brown and yellow in some parts.

Where are all Mario's glowing rabbits on super Mario ds?

They appear randomly replacing the colored rabbit after you catch a sertain amount of regular rabbits.

What do the moons orbiting Saturn look like and when were they discovered?

The larger ones are spherical. Some are oddly shaped and appear to be captured asteroids or pieces of other, broken satellites. some appear to be relatively loose assemblages of smaller objects.

What are the gases on Saturn?

The outer atmosphere of Saturn consists of 96.3% molecular hydrogen and 3.25% helium. Trace amounts of ammonia, acetylene, ethane, phosphine and methane have also been detected. The upper clouds on Saturn are composed of ammonia crystals, while the lower level clouds appear to be composed of either ammonium hydrosulfide (NH4SH) or water.

Is Uranus in retrograde rotation?

Yes and so is Venus. The planets that move in retrograde (appear to move backwards against the starry sky) are Mars Jupiter and Saturn.

What is on the right of Saturn?

As Saturn is a planet , it is in orbit around the Sun and not always in the same position .This means any objects which appear to be near it in the sky will vary according to the Earths position in its annual journey , and Saturns own orbit , which takes over 29 of our years to complete...

What planet does have four rings?

Saturn has rings. But the rings aren't actually rings, they just appear as so. The rings are an accumulation of ice and other space rock debris that is stuck in the gravitational orbit of Saturn. It encircles the planet and appears as rings. Saturn's moons are also in its rings.

How do you remove the starter out of a '97 Saturn SC2 1.9?

Look to the right under R & R. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Posted a link that explains this in detail. Don't have a clue how to have it appear.