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Why ain't you answering all my questions?

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Not all questions submitted to WikiAnswers are answered. This is because answers on WikiAnswers are given by users on a completely volunteer basis. For information on how to increase your chances of getting your questions answered, check out the related questions below.

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YES! Real people are answering all of these questions.

There is no one person answering questions, but many persons.

"Did you finish answering the questions?" is one example. Please coninue answering the questions in the order that they were asked. I was busy answering the questions. Answering the questions is not frowned upon, here.

There is no charge for answering or asking questions. All WikiAnswers wants are brief, clear and accurate answers. If you can do that, great!

I am answering your questions simply because you have asked.

i t's used for asking and answering questions

By answering all the questions correctly.

By answering all the questions correctly.

iceman is not real he aint real he isnt real he aint real

No, you don't get money answering questions on here.

Yes. People just like you and me are answering these questions.

First of all, most of the questions answered on here are answered by other people. Second of all, answering these questions are simple: just search unanswered questions and then answer them.

because it is nice to help other people

Boys, girls, men and women all answer questions here.

Someone probably just found your questions and got on a roll with answering them. That's pretty much how most people do it, or they browse a category.

There are many types of people who are answering health related questions.

A systematic process for answering scientific questions is called is all about answering questions, asking questions and editing questions. It typicly is just abiut questions and answers

no you just dont get paid at all. No it is not true. You get nothing at all for asking or answering questions here. People do it for many reasons, for fun, to help others, they enjoy it.

The questions are answered by REAL people - from all over the planet !

by answering all questions correctly!

By answering all of the questions!

Although answering all the questions on would be impossible, answering a few would be feasible.

If you are signed up with a legitimate company that is answering the questions, then yes, they do pay you for answering the questions.

Seeding questions is asking and answering questions you already know to fill a new category. It is also called pre-answering questions.

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