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maybe you have implantation bleeding or maybe this can be stress-- you should either take a hpt or go to your doctor and ask for a blood test--sometime stress play major role in women's period and we confused it being pregnant and at the same time you can experience pms but at the same time you can be pregnant-butlike i said take a hpt or go to your doctor for a blood test a blood test is more accurate than a hpt..good luck

2006-08-07 15:52:27
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Q: Why am I having backaches and brown spotting for 3 days and nausea but no actual period any ideas husband had a vasectomy 6 months ago really am wondering if this has anything to do with it?
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Are backache and cramping normal in the first trimester?

backaches yes cramping is ok as long there is no spotting

Is it normal to be having lower backaches and dull cramps sometimes with brown spotting at 6 weeks pregnant?

brown spotting is okay. That's old blood. As long as its not bright red. Sometimes i get pains down low if I move suddenly or sneeze. Not quite like cramps. You should ask your doctor if your not sure of anything that's what they're there for!

Can you get pregnant after you get spotting?

My friend was telling me that she had unprotected sex yesterday and is only on your 5th coneception pill. shes had spotting today and she's just wondering if she is safe because of the spotting or could she still get pregnant?

If have been spotting brown and bleeding then after almost a week of spotting you start cramping are you pregnant or did you have a miscarriage?

im 16 and i was supposed to start my period a couple weeks ago and i never did now i am spotting brown blood i was wondering if anyone could tell me what that means

Could spotting be the cause of something else besides pregnancy?

Spotting does not cause pregnancy. I assume you mean "does spotting indicate anything other than pregnancy?" The answer to this is, of course, yes. Spotting could indicate spotting. It's probably you period being finicky, or something along those lines.

Is spotting before period a sign of anything?

Ovulation - where the egg is released

What the semptoms of being pregnant?

-Implantation Bleeding (Spotting) -Delay or a Difference in Menstruation -Swollen and/or Tender Breasts -Fatigue/Tiredness -Nausea/Morning Sickness -Backaches -Headaches -Frequent Urination -Darkening of Areolas -Food Cravings These are the most common symptoms of pregnancy.

Specific spotting suggestion in tumbling in gymnastic?

i suggest if you are spotting for your first time have a person help you on the other side and to tell you where to support the person, for more experienced people try and be ready and move quicker with the person that you are spotting. To be ready if anything goes wrong.

What does it mean if your spotting before your period?

It doesn't mean anything, spotting before menstruation is completely normal - when your period starts it takes time to get into full flow, until then bleeding is light and this is known as 'spotting'. It's just light bleeding, which gets heaiver as you menstruate.

Pregnancy symptoms 1-3 weeks?

Heartburn, nausea, increased vaginal secretions, headaches, mood swings, constipation, backaches, feeling like you have a cold, light spotting like a very light period, tingling in breasts, nipples getting larger, bloating

What does it mean when you have dark brown spotting after your period?

This is just normal spotting. Spotting is when small amounts of blood mix with discharge, dark brown just means the blood is taking time to leave the body and thus is going brown. There's no reason to think that this is anything unusual.

If you are spotting a brownish color could you be having a miscarriage?

Get checked now - that was my first cramps or anything, just brown spotting. You DEFINITELY should go to the Emergency Department of some hospitallike NOW !

Why am i spotting after my period?

why am i spotting after my period

Is brown spotting cause for alarm during seventh month of pregnancy?

I just experienced the same thing lastnight!! So I was wondering the same thing. It was right after intercourse though.. IS this normal?

Why are you spotting one week after you stop taking your pill?

That's completely normal. I'm not sure why, but don't be worried by anything.

You have been using the extended NuvaRing skip-period-regimen for almost 9 weeks now but you have started bleeding a bit just wondering if the birth control is still as effective if you are spotting?

Spotting while skipping periods with birth control is a common complaint. It is not a sign that the method is less effective.

Why am i spotting if i am on the contraceptive pill?

i took the ecp on Saturday morning (today is Thursday) and today i started spotting...i don't know if that is a sign if im pregnant or not. i know this doesnt help but i just wanted to let you know im wondering what the answer to this is too. i am also expierencing very light pains in my lower abdonimal area...

You were wondering you are 9 weeks pregnant and you have been spotting and light bleeding on and off for 4 days now is this normal or should you call your doctor?

Call your doctor...sounds like a miscarriage is afoot.

Is it normal having spotting during twins pregnancy?

Spotting is OK But anything dark red and very blood can be cause for concern. If you are having a lot of blood and a lot of cramping you should probably go see your doctor asap!

What is a sentence for the word spotting?

Spotting the bird was hard

What is spotting fluid in drilling mud chemical?

this chemical is used to release stuck pipes.Two types of spotting fluids ,spotting fluid (w) and spotting-fluid (nw)

Im 8 days late im not spotting or anything just nausisated can i be pregnant?

Yes you can be pregnant if you had unprotected sexual intercourse.

How do you use spotting in sentence?

On spotting the suspect the police arrested him.

Have a tublization and am spotting?

i have my tubes tied and am spotting feeling nauseated

Can you get pregnant when you are spotting on your period?

spotting can be pregnancy or just normal. all girls are different. sometimes spotting just happens.