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You are jealous wen your girlfriend talks to another guy because you are insecure.

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Q: Why am I jealous when my girlfriend talks to another guy?
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Why am I jealous when my girlfriend talks to another guy even though I know he's just a friend of hers?

You are jealous when your girlfriend talks to another guy even if you know he is just her friend because you are insecure and do not trust her fully.

What do i do if i get jealous when my girlfriend talks with another guy without letting her know that i get jealous.?

Calm down, breathe deeply, smile. Being jealous is normal. Acting jealous isn't a good look.

How do you know if a guy is jealous?

If another guy looks at you or talks to you and he's ready to fight.

What does it mean if you have a dream about your girlfriend kisses another guy?

it means that you are worried that she will or jealous of her talking to and flirting with another guy

Should you be jealous when your girlfriend wants to spend alone time at her apartment with another guy?

If you dont know who the guy is then you should find out before being jealous. But if you do know the guy then you should just go have a long talk with your girlfriend because if you are jealous, your girlfriend might just break up with you.

How can you get a guy jealous?

The truth is that all guys get jealous,a guy can only get jealous if he finds his girl friend play roughly with another guy,or when is girl friend talks about another guy almost every time,or even when he gets to read conversations between his girl friend and another guy. Some guy can control them selfs by not showing it and acting like they don't care,but deep down inside they are jealous. Why some other guy can't control the fact that they are jealous

Is it normal to get jealous when a guy talks with the girl you like?

its not normal.....

Would it make another guy jealous if you went out with another guy?

That depends on the guy. Some are jealous, some are not.

How do you know if you like a guy that you already dated and thought got over?

If you get sad when you see him, get mad or jealous when he talks to another girl

What to do if your girlfriend talks with your guy best friend?

Maybe she is just friends and you never really notice before and they are just hanging out and your over thinking this you should relax and not be jealous.

Why does this guy look at you when he kisses his girlfriend?

He is probably trying to make you jealous

If a girl gets very jealous when a guy talks to another girl does that mean she is in love with him?

Only if the boy's her boyfriend if he's not it just mean's she REALLY likes him.

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