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because u are dum

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Q: Why am i Going through 1 court of oil each week in car?
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How many days a week is the US Supreme Court in session?

The US Supreme Court is typically in session, or sitting to hear oral arguments three days per week, Monday through Wednesday, except during recesses and federal holidays. The two-week sittings rotate with two-week recesses, during which the justices write opinions and tend to other business of the Court.

What do supreme court justice do during their two week recess?

The justices consider the cases and state their opinions on each case.

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March 16th is going to be a different day of the week each year. Try being more specific with the year.

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It is open seven days a week beginning mid December and going through March.

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you go out with one person a week. by the end of that week, he/she would eather break up or keep going out with each other. Good luck and have Fun. =)

what is going on with covid 19?

we are going on a two week lock down

How many hours does the average court officer work a week?

40hrs a week

How do you do quash a warrant for missing court?

Last time I quashed a warrant, I had to go to the circuit clerk. There, they took my information and I was assigned a new court date for the following week. Where as I appreciate going in and talking to the clerk, it is easier and less worrisome to just call in and set the date. Which in my case was a week later.

What is the punishments of junvenile offenders for crimes such as robbery?

going on a vacation for a week going on a vacation for a week

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AnswerA soap, it appears on the TV for the British public on certain weekdays through each week.

2 times a day each week?


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Vas a encontrar a X esta semana = Are you going to meet X this week? Os vais a encontrar esta semana = Are you (and others) going to meet this week? Nos vamos a encontrar esta semana = Are we going to meet this week?

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