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Q: Why anthrax carcass decomposes rapidly?
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Why do fishermen poke the eyes out of the fish they catch?

Poking the eyes releases the gases which causes the carcass to sink to the bottom. This prevents fish floating attracting birds.

Is anthrax a threat to Ballarat or Victorian citizens?

Not really. The incidence of anthrax in Australia is low, and cases of human infection are few and far between. Anthrax bacteria can remain in the soil for a long time, and there is risk to humans when they cut into the carcass of an infected animal. The average citizen, however, is not at risk.

Why nitrogen pentaoxide decomposes rapidly at a temperature above room temperature?

because of the temperature rise

What would happen if you mixed peroxide and enzyme?

The peroxide decomposes rapidly and creates free radicals that would tear apart enzymes

Can you use carcass in a question?

Yes you can. Where is the carcass? How long will a carcass last with vultures around? Does a carcass smell bad in the heat of the African sun?

What makes a dead body a carcass?

The definition of the word carcass. Carcass means dead body.

What is the history of anthrax?

what is the history on the anthrax disease

When was The Anthrax created?

The Anthrax was created in 1982.

What is the pathpgen name for anthrax?

bacillus anthrax

Is anthrax considered to be contagious?

A person with anthrax isn't considered contagious so if you get anthrax then no you are not contagious.

Is Anthrax disease bacterial or viral?

there are variations of anthrax that are viral and bacterial most anthrax is bacterial

What is carcass measurements?

is to measure the depth ,and length of carcass