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The appendix will inflame when you eat cooked black pepper among other things that you may be allergic to and that will irritate the appendix. Uncooked black pepper has no adverse effect on the appendix.

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Define appendix and explain.?

define appendix and what items are included in appendix.

What is the medical term meaning appendix?

The medical term for the appendix is, appendix.

Do cats have an appendix?

No cats do not have an appendix.

Does a cat have an appendix?

Answer Cats do not have an appendix.

Why does your appendix hurt when you exercise?

I have no appendix!

How many appendix do you have?

A person only has one appendix. There is no known function of the appendix in humans.

What does the appendix has to do with inability to digest cellulose?

the appendix digest cellulose, but human appendix does not work.

Does a Koala have an appendix?

Yes, they have an appendix. Also, said appendix is about two meters long.

Do ferrets have a appendix?

Ferrets do not have an appendix or a cecum.

What is it called when you have stones in your appendix?

Appendix stones???

What is the Tagalog for appendix?

Tagalog for appendix: apendiks

When do you have an appendix?

You always have an appendix, unless you have it removed.

What is gangrenous appendix?

It is very painful. Basically it is gangrene that has formed on the appendix. This means the appendix is rotten.

What causes appendix pain?

The appendix is a useless organ, in which most people have removed. Appendix pain is caused by irritation and infection of the appendix, causing it to inflate.

Can you have appendictis twice?

If you don't have your appendix out the first time then yes, you can get it twice. If you get it once and have your appendix out (which is the majority of the cases) then no. You cannot. It is impossible to get appendicitis (infection of the appendix) with no appendix.

How does the appendicitis affects the appendix?

The tip of the appendix become inflamed in the initial stage. At time the appendix get necrosis. Appendix may burst, giving rise to peritonitis.

What are appendix use for?

The appendix have no current use however it is believed it once did. It is still unknown exactly why we have an appendix.

Do you only have one appendix or two appendix?


What is the abbreviation for appendix?

Appx for Appendix Appxs for Appendices

How does appendix affect fertility?

Your appendix does not affect fertility.

What does it mean when your appendix is inflamed?

Appendicitis or swollen appendix

What is function of vermiform appendix?

function of the vermiform appendix

Where is an appendix located in a book?

An appendix is in the back of the book.

What does the appendix do in a digestive system?

the appendix does nothing at all

What is the plural noun for appendix?

The plural of appendix is appendices.