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The ability-to-pay principle of taxation states that people with higher incomes have a greater ability to pay taxes than people with lower incomes.

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Q: Why are Americans taxed in proportion to their incomes?
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Of taxes in proportion to the value of the goods taxed?

Ad Valorem

what of the following groups tends to have less access to the Internet than the average American?

Americans with low incomes.

What is the difference between a progressive tax and regressive tax?

A progressive tax is defined as a tax whose rate increases as the payer's income increases. That is, individuals who earn high incomes have a greater proportion of their incomes taken to pay the tax.A regressive tax, on the other hand, is one whose rate increases as the payer's income decreases.

What word is used meaning the proportion to the value of the goods taxed?

ad valorem

What is the best definition of a proressive tax system?

A progressive tax system is one in which tax rates increase as taxable income increases. This means that individuals with higher incomes are taxed at higher rates, while those with lower incomes are taxed at lower rates. The goal of a progressive tax system is to redistribute wealth and promote economic equality.

Why did many Americans independence from Britain?

They were being taxed

The proportion of Americans who supported the was?


Are the incomes of high earners actually taxed?

Yes, but their effective tax rate can be lower due to availability of tax shelters that others can't afford.

Why weren't the french and Americans taxed equally?

Because they weren't

The proportion of Americans who supported the war was?


Which Americans are most likely to join interest groups?

People with better than average incomes

Surveys indicate that a high proportion of Americans feel financially insecure This insecurity is primarily because the incomes of Americans are low?

Financial insecurity among Americans can stem from various factors beyond just low income, such as rising cost of living, stagnating wages, lack of savings, debt, and job instability. It is important to address these systemic issues comprehensively to improve financial well-being for individuals and households.