Why are CFL wattage ratings wrong as the light may be rated for xx watts but when checked with a wattage meter the actual usage is significantly higher?

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Usually a CFL has two ratings. The first is wattage and the second is in mA I suspect the wattage is only the wattage of the bulb itself and the second is the actual current draw of both the light bulb and the ballast. They are not compatible. If you figure the mA and multiply times the voltage you will obtain close to the actual wattage of the combination of the bulb and the ballast. I have a 100 watt Feit BPESL25T which indicates it draws 25 Watts when it actually draws 47.5 Watts. Very close to the mA (400 x 120 VAC =48 Watts) indicated on the base. Almost all CFLs I've tested with my very accurate Fluke RMS meter draw twice the wattage they indicate. Not such a good deal.
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How do you estimate power consumption based on the wattage rating?

Actually the NEC says that the load on a branch circuit can only be80% of the breaker size since Some appliances use a more energy tostart up. so to be legal, you could only have a 1440W load on a 15amp circuit, and 2880W with a 240 v 15 amp breaker. Another Answer You really should be asking how ( Full Answer )

How do I rewire a lamp to take a higher wattage bulb?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nDon't - \nYou replace the wires just as you would for the original wiring but you must use a lower guage wire size - meaning a thicker wire.\nThe AC cord for lamps in the past 30 years was at least good for 500 watts.\n. \n. \nDon't forget that the wattage rating my not ( Full Answer )

How do you find wattage rating of a microwave oven?

\nWattage = voltage x amperage. Every appliance in North America is built to work at 120 V, so you have the voltage. The amperage rating is probably written in the microwaves manual if the wattage is not. Remember the amperage you put on a circuit can't be more that 80% of what the wiring is rate ( Full Answer )

How is the wattage of a circuit divided amongst resistors in series of varying ohmic and wattage ratings?

The voltage supplying the circuit will be divided across the series resistors in proportion to their resistance. The wattage of the resistors has no effect on the distribution, but if you put an under rated resistor in the circuit, it will fail.. For example, if you have a 10v source, and a 1 ohm r ( Full Answer )

How do you check wattage?

Watts can be checked and measured by using an instrument called amultimeter. The multimeter will measure different details of anelectrical circuit.

What are the advantages to having a higher wattage ac adapter for a notebook?

You should not use a power adapter with a higher voltage output than the input rating on the computer. It can cause damage to the computer and the battery. You can use a lower voltage. If you do and you are using your computer, it might not charge but it will prolong the time you have before it r ( Full Answer )

What is the Appropriate wattage for a kitchen table light?

The wattage for your kitchen table light will depend on severalfactors. The size of the room, the type of lighting, and theceiling height will all need to be considered. You will probablyneed between 200 and 400 watts of light in your kitchen.

How do you arrive at choke losses in street light fittings what is total wattage what is ballast wattage?

Assuming the question is about simple reactive control gear, e.g. a choke or inductor in series with the discharge lamp, then the following answer applies. In an ideal situation, an ideal inductor, that is an inductor exhibiting pure inductance by virtue of its construction and the use of wire wit ( Full Answer )

How does a 3-phase meter handle using on 220 volt single phase and does the meter measure the wattage usage accurately?

If you mean 220 single phase as in two hots and a neutral 110V-0-110V (in the US this would be 240V 120V-0-120V), then the answer is most 3-phase meters cannot be used.. A few meters can be setup for either configuration, check the manual for the specific one you want to use.. If you mean 220V sin ( Full Answer )

How does the wattage of light bulbs compare to their energy usage?

The wattage rating of a bulb is in direct relation to its energyusage per unit time. A 100 watt bulb consumes twice as much energyas a 50 watt bulb over the same period. Keep in mind that thelatest generation of energy saving bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)can be labeled both how much energy they a ( Full Answer )

Why does a higher wattage bulb produce more heat?

The wattage rating of a light bulb is a measure of how much power is dissipated to create the light and heat that radiates from the bulb. Higher wattage means more power is used and that means more energy is radiated as light and heat.

What is equivalent of 50 voltage ampere rating to wattage?

The short answer: they are identical: 50VA (through a resistive load) = 50Watts The long answer: Power can be divided into real power and reactive power. Real power is used to do real work. reactive power is stored and released in reactive elements (capacitors and reactors). A purely resistor is ha ( Full Answer )

What is the wattage or tolerance rating of a resistor?

That depends on how much resistance is called for through the engineering, there is tiny resistance (mf) microfared on up huge resistance seen on electrical poles. Your circuit engineering formula dictates the needed resistance or it will just burn or not flow at all, you cannot answer the question ( Full Answer )

Why the higher the light bulb wattage the brighter the light becomes?

The manufacturers of light bulbs want to give their customers light. This requires the use of energy (Watts) which cost money for their use. Manufacturers design their light sources so that users get as much light as possible from the bulb for a given wattage while maintaining a reasonable lifetime ( Full Answer )

How do you determine the proper PSU wattage rating for a PC?

PSU wattage is determined before the unit arrives on the shelf at the store. Wattage rating is easy to understand. Your power supply will provide 600w, but the power being drawn from the wall might be 680w. It's important to understand that more electricity enters the PSU than what comes out to you ( Full Answer )

How much wattage is in a CFL?

So to replace a traditional 60 -watt bulb, buy a 15 -watt CFL: 60 -watt incandescent / 4 = 15 watts . Note: Some brands of 60 -watt equivalent CFLs still do not seem to give off as muchlight as a 60watt incandescent bulb.

Do higher wattage light bulbs draw more amps?

Yes, and it's proportional. V * I = P Where V is the voltage in Volts, I is the current in Amperes, and P is the power in Watts. So we get: I = P / V For example, with a 240 Volt supply, a 12 Watt lamp would draw: 12/240 1/20 0.05 Amperes, or 50 milliamps

What are the wattage requirements for outdoor string lights?

The wattage will depend upon the type of bulb and the number of lights on the string. It will tell you on the package what each bulb requires in wattage, so you only need to multiply that by the number of bulbs in the string. so, number of bulbs x wattage requirement for each bulb = wattage requirem ( Full Answer )

Can you go above the recommended wattage with the new CfL bulbs?

I am not sure how you would accomplish that in a home environment? You would have to increase the Voltage somehow. CFL bulbs have electronic circuitry in their bases. That circuitry would be more sensitive to Voltage changes than a simple filament bulb. You could expect a shorter 'Life' of the bulb ( Full Answer )

Are wattage ratings based on an hour?

No, wattage is the product of amps times volts. You are charged by a utility company for the amount of watts that are used in a hour. These watts are totaled up over a month and multiplied by a specific kw/h (kilowatt per hour) that is set by the utility company. In my area I am charged .08 cents fo ( Full Answer )

What is the typical wattage for closet lights?

The typical wattage for closet lights depends on the person. Some want their closet lights to not be very bright, so they will choose something that has 20-30 watts. Some other people prefer something a little brighter, so they will choose 50 watts.

What wattage is needed for a 800 watt micro wave?

Answer #1: 800 watt is the wattage in that case. That refers to how much power a device uses. ==== Answer #2: When you see an ad for an "800-watt microwave oven", that number is invariably the "cooking power" ... the 2.5 GHz RF power that'sgenerated by the magnetron and radiated into the cha ( Full Answer )

Can you use a higher wattage resistor?

The ohms tells you the resistance; the wattage tells you how much heat energy it can handle. Not that any resistor ever lived up to its specifications -- I always needed some type of heat sink. Bottom line -- yes.

What wattage Grow Light should I use?

Optimal wattage depends on several factors including the size ofthe growing area and the type of plants. Plants that require morelight (i.e. tomatoes), need a higher wattage system.

How much wattage does a light bulb need?

Also CFL and LED light bulbs use much less actual wattage thantheir equivalent wattage. It is best to look at the datasheet for each individual type oflight bulb. They can vary from milliwatts to kilowatts, dependingon the purpose the light bulb was intended for.