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Why are Jews so special for the United States?

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Attractive and even flattering as the concept may be, there's actually no evidence to suggest that Jews are anything special for the US. In fact, one of the nation's founding principles is that nothing like that shall take shape here.

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How much money did it cost the United States to get the Jews out of Germnay?

The United States did not get the Jews out of Germany, so they spent no money on that.

Do all countries have a peaceful transfer of power?

No, very few do and that is what makes the United States so special.

What is the capital of United of states?

The captial of the United States is nothing. The United states is not a state it is a country with lots of states inside it. so the united states does not have a captial.

How important is Hitler actions as a leader of Germany in World War 2?

Obviously, Hitler's atrocities are well-known, and his aggressive moves eventually lead to the outbreak of the war. But because he was persecuting Jews, many Jews came the the United States. Among these were scientists like Albert Einstein and many of the scientists that developed the atomic bomb for the United States. So, if Hitler had not persecuted the Jews, it is possible that he could have ended up with the atomic bomb instead of the United States.

What is the population of Jews in America?

The population of Jews in America is about 5,500,000. This is a small percentage of the total United States population (<2% US population). There are expanded estimates that say that there are an additional 2,000,000 or so Jews who do not identify as Jews on the US Census, but the accuracy of these claims is debated.

What is the capital of united states.?

The captial of the United States is nothing. The United states is not a state it is a country with lots of states inside it. so the united states does not have a captial.

What do Jews eat on Christmas?

Nothing special. December 25 is a regular weekday in Judaism.

What is so special about the flag USA?

the flag of the united states is so special because in 7000 this planet wasn't even a country that and the flag,the lady liberty,the bell and the bold eagle all stands for freedom!

Why is the US so populated?

The United States is so populated because there are many opportunities in the United States. Many people are attracted to the fact that anyone can be successful in the United States.

Why is diphtheria so common in the un United States?

Diphtheria is not common on the United States.

How did United States get its name?

The name is actually what the nation is. Its states that are separate but united. So naturally the name United States rang true.

Did Albania saved the Jews?

If I am correct the united nations saved not just jews but russians,poles,people with disabilites and so on and so forth :/

What culture are burgers from?

burgers are from the united states but they were found in Kentucky so united states, Kentucky

Why was the United States founded?

The revolution against the British was won so the United States was created.

Why is America so important to the United States?

The United States is located in America. Where you are is always important to you.

What events triggered US entry into World War 2?

The attack of Pearl harbor and then the united states got word of what hitler was doing to the Jews and so we invaded

Did the US send a lot of Jews to Israel?

No, at least not from a governmental position. The United States, unlike many countries, has never forcibly deported its Jewish citizens or put them in a social, political, or economic climate where leaving the United States was the only viable option. On the flip side, the United States has never incentivized (monetarily or politically) for American Jews to go to Israel. The only Jews that America assisted to get to Israel were a small minority of Holocaust survivors. Most Holocaust survivors who did get to Israel did so without American assistance. While there are many American Jews in Israel, this is more of a function of how many Jews in the world there are in total after the Holocaust destroyed much of European Jewry. There are larger Israeli communities of Russian, Moroccan, and Iraqi Jews than American Jews.

How many blind people use computers in the United States?

Lots do, they just have a special one so what they saygets typed or they hae brail on the keys....

What is the plural form of United States?

United States is the name of a country. There can only be one United States, so the question is purely academic. There can be no plural form.

What does united state produce?

The United States is a major producer of Agricultural Products... The United States feeds the world so i guess you could say the United States produces life?

When did America get its title the United States of America?

There were 13 colonies that became states. And since the states were united so that foreign nations could not split them assunder, they were the United States of America.

How many continental states are in the United States?

Do you mean " How many states are in the Continental United States?" If so, there are 48. The continental United States refers to the states that are connected by borders. Hawaii & Alaska are located away from the other states, therefore they aren't considered to be in the Continental United States.

Does the Arctic Ocean border the United States?

It borders Alaska, so yes, it borders the United States

Who was the American ambassador to Hawaii?

Hawaii is part of the United States so it doesn't have an ambassador from the united states.

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Alaska has the most About 65 volcanoes in the United States are considered active so