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During the Korean War the North Korean troops took over almost the whole Korean peninsula. Only due the US led UN troops intervention did the South Korean survive. After Some back and forth fighting with the US + South Korean troops agains North Korean + Chinese troops did the border stabilize where it stands today. US troops remain in South Korea as a deterrant against Norths invasion and to uphold the peace in the peninsula.

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The US sent troops into Korea from Japanese military bases where US troops were stationed to help South Korea resist the North Korean invasion . The intervention of Chinese troops widened the war .

The Communist invasion of South Korea.North Korea's invasion of South Korea

U.S. troops aided South Korea with support from the UN.

They were sent into South Korea at the request of the United Nations to protect Sout Korea and to eject the invading North Koreans.

The US was a main contributor in sending troops over to South Korea. The entire UN support was also led by US General Douglas MacArthur, whose brilliant military strategy at the Landing of Inchon kept South Korea from being overrun by the North.

Yes, in 1950 the US went to war in Korea to prevent the north from taking over the south.

The US is not permitted to patrol North Korea, nor do they. The US military does however have military bases in south Korea as part of a treaty to protect them against a possible attack by North Korea.

the United Nations forces, which protected South Korea from an invasion by North Korea.

28,500 US - R.O.K. agreed troup level.

The US has military bases in roughly 100 countries, so the list is actually quite long. The US has a significant military presence in the following countries:AfghanistanIraqSouth KoreaJapanGermanyTurkey

Communist North Korea and Free South Korea are still separated by the 38th Parallel signed during the Armistice in 1953. The US still maintains military forces in South Korea.

Several. Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Thailand, and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) sent troops to Vietnam.

In Korea they have an American base for people from America. I live in Korea and I've been to the base and 30% of the base are Koreans and 70% are Americans.

Becuase they helped south korea in 1954 korean war and it will also work as a base camp for US Military in any emergency situations in asia.

During the Korean War, the US supported South Korea and their fight against communism. They have supported Korea and their endeavors since.

UK, Turkey, Australia, South Korea had the most troops

It wasn't . There is still North Korea and South Korea .South Korea is thriving, while North Korea has many people doing without bare necessities. The US still maintains a significant military prescence in South Korea to protect them .

because south korea president slept with half of the countrie's women. harsh man

North Korea. Also, the American troops spent a lot of time fighting the Chinese since China sent in troops to support North Korea, just as the U.S. sent in troops to support South Korea.

The US has maintained presence in South Korea since 1945.

US troops have had a continuous presence in Korea since 1950.