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Q: Why are alkalis the opposite of acids?
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Why alkalis are sometimes describe as the opposite of acids?

Alkalis (bases) react with acids to neutralize them, so in one sense, they can be considered as "opposite" of acids. Bases produce pH values >7 and acids produce pH values <7.

What chemical is opposite of an acid?

Bases and Alkalis are the opposites of acids. Alkalis are bases dissolved in water. When combined in the equal quantities, they neutralise each other.

Do acids counteract alkalis?

Yes, acids neutralize alkalis and inverse.

Why acids are useful?

Otherwise we would have nothing to neutralise alkalis with, the whole would be alkalis rather than acids and alkalis.

Household acids and alkalis?

households acids and alkalis is formic acid and syitric acid

Are acids plus alkalis friends or foes?

The reaction between acids and alkalis is a neutralization reactin.

Are alkalis and acids dangerous?

Acids and alkalis with a high pH (1 or 2 for acids and 14 or 15 for alkalis) can be dangerous, like hydrochloric acid which can cause damage to the skin if contact with the acid is made. Acids and alkalis with a low pH (5 for acids and 11 for alkalis) aren't dangerous, as vinegar is an acid with that pH and toothpaste is an alkali.

Does toothpaste contain acids or alkalis?

Most toothpastes contain alkalis , however some can contain acids.

What is the reaction between acids and acids?

acids and alkalis have no difference

Can alkalis be transported by road?

Yes alkalis and acids can be transported by road.

What acids or alkalis are in indegestion?


Is an vinegar a acids or an alkalis?