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If it's doing this while the vehicle is running, it would be because the daytime running light system of the Grand Am included the instrument panel lights. Prior to the daylight sensor becoming standard, on some GM products, only the headlights were part of the daytime running lights system, while on others, it included all the lights.

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Q: Why are all the dash lights on in your 1998 grand am?
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Why are the dash lights not working on a 1998 Dodge 1500 you have checked all of the fuses in the truck as well as under the hood They all are fine?

Most dash lights have a setting knob to turn the dash lights on and off and to dim them, maybe this switch is off.

There are lights coming on all over the place in the dash of 2001 grand am whats up guys help?

Which lights? what happens when they come on?

Why dash lights wont come on while all other lights warning lights and all fuses were good?

Probably the dash fuse is blown, or the dimmer switch for the dash lights is bad!

Heat quits working on my 1998 Dodge Intrepid all dash lights are on?

If all the dash warning lights are illuminated, you probably have more problems than not getting any heat. The only time all the warning lights come on at once is just before starting the engine, as a lamp check.

No dash lights on 1973 duster anyone no why?

all other lights on car work ,just no dash lights,could it be a fuse?

How to replace lights on 2001 impala dash?

If all the dash lights are out, it is the switch that is the problem.other wise, you have to remove all the lowre pannels to get at the bolts that hold the dash cluster in.

1991 Chevy truck no tail or dash lights?

I have a 1991 Chevy surburan and it has no tail lights and no dash lights, all fuses are good

Have a problem with Grand Cherokee 1996 rear tail lights are off all other lights working?

If parking and dash lights work: Maybe bad bulbs (double filamented) Bad socket? Bad ground circuit?

What fuses and or relays control the instrument cluster lights in a 1996 Grand Prix All the dash lights are out all of a sudden. Not seeing clear answers in manual. Thanks?

It's a 20 amp mini fuse #37 in the fuse panel under the hood on the passenger side fender well. It is labeled "Parking" in the fuse diagram, and if blown will cause you to have no dash lights and no rear running lights.

Why might the parking lights and dash lights not work?

Headlight switch (IT) controls the dash lights ALSO.Some have a fuseable link..ASSUMEING all the bulbs are g00d..

Dash board lights dont work on a 2000 ford contour?

If all the dash lights are out then there is two causes for this. The first is all the fuses have blown the other is the relay for the dashboard lights has went out.

How do you get to the lights in the dashboard of a 1998 Ford F150?

It is risky fooling with the dash lights as the circuits can be damaged with static electricity. I suggest taking to a garage. How ever, you can get a static electricity band to prevent that from happening. Most parts stores, such as Autozone, Advanced Auto Parts and O'Reillys all have the bulbs for you dash indicator lights and a good book like a Chiltons will tell you how to remove the dash.