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A whole grove of aspens may be considered a single organism, as each tree shares the same roots as all the others.

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What are the largest living organisms in California?

The largest living organisms in california is sequoia tree....

Is a bacteria a living or non living organisms?

It is considered as living

Why aren't cars considered organisms?

Because cars are not living things. organisms are living things.

Why are virusus considered non-living organisms?

They do not have the ability to move by themselves nor are they capable of surviving outside of another living organism is why they are not considered living organisms.

Complete living unit?

The smallest complete living unit known to science is a single cell. The smallest single celled organisms known, mycoplasma, are not much bigger than the very largest viruses. Viruses are not technically considered to be living organisms by most scientists.

Is bacteria living or non living?

Bacteria are considered to be living, single-celled organisms.

Why is hpv not considered a living thing?

HPV stands for human papillomavirus. Viruses are not considered living organisms.

Largest number of living organisms in one gallon of water?

The largest organisms in one gallon of water will vary. There will be more organisms in water from a lake than from your sink.

Why are sponges considered animals?

they are considered animals because they are living, teproducing organisms

How are dogs not organisms?

Dog are organisms. In fact, all living things are considered as an organism.

Is human brain a living organism?

It would not be considered a living organism because it does not carry out several of the qualifications needed to be considered alive, including feeding and reproducing. It is, however, part of humans who are obviously considered living organisms and also consisting of cells, which are living organisms.

What is an example of biology?

Biology is defined as the study of living organisms. So practically anything that relates to living organisms can be considered biology.

Why viruses are not considered to be living organisms?

Viruses aren't living organisms because they have no biological processes and can't reproduce on their own MORE

Is a money a carnivor?

No money is not a carnivore as it is not living. Only living organisms can be considered as carnivores.

Why is bacteria and fungi considered living organisms?

Because I am the awesome!

Why do scientists not consider viruses to be living organisms?

Scientists consider dormant virions to be nonliving organisms. However, active viruses are considered to be living organisms, by most scientists.

Why ocean is known as the largest habitat of living organisms?

1) Oceans have living organisms, and2) Oceans cover about 2/3 of the surface of planet Earth.

Is skin considered living or dead?

Skin is living, and is actually the largest organ of the body.

What causes a disease but are not considered to be living organisms?

Viruses are not considered living organisms but can cause disease. Prions that cause Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (Mad Cow disease, aka vCJD- variant Creutzfeld-Jakob disease when in humans) are not living organisms as they are just misfolded protein particles.

Should viruses be consideres living organisms?

No viruses should not be considered living organisms because they require a host to live &therefore are not an organism but an infestation.

Is mold considered as precipitation?

No. Mold is a group of living organisms, not precipitation.

Why mars is considered the planet most likely to have living organisms?

Mars is considered the planet most likely to have living organisms because astronomers and scientists think that there is liquid water beneath Mars's crust.

Kingdom that contains largest creatures on earth?

The largest living single organisms are the giant sequoia of the plant kingdom. Creatures, however, are generally considered animals, of the Animal Kingdom. Both plants and animals are metazoans, in the "Kingdom of Eukaryotes."

What has living characteristics but is not alive?

Viruses have some characteristics of life but these are not considered living organisms as they are non cellular.

Are organisms living or non living?

Organisms are living. Virus are not organisms and are not living.