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Avalanches are one of the few natural disasters that can actually be man made. Disasters like Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Volcanic Eruptions, and Earth quakes are normally only done naturally with out man made interference. A disaster like a Avalanche can actually be created just by blasting the side of a mountain, or having the right sound volume present. Other then that like many natural disasters some require location and specific elements. for example if theres no present snow then you probably won't have to deal with an avalanches. Plus an Avalanche is one of the few natural disasters that's only ice/snow based.

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Q: Why are avalanches different from other natural disasters?
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continental drift, earthquakes, tsnunamis, avalanches and other natural disasters like this

Do avalanches cause other natural disasters?

Avalanches are a natural disaster. Just like hurricanes, typhoons, drought, tsunamis, floods, forest fires, hail storms; any disaster created by nature.

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A hurricane involves water, while other natural disasters might involve wind, snow, etc.

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You pretty much got all the likely ones covered. There are avalanches, wildfires, and landslides too. And there are plenty of unlikely natural disasters too, like a meteor hitting the earth.

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What other natural disasters can an earthquake cause?

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Forest fires, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters

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Japan has earthquakes, tsunami's, volcanoes, snow avalanches and many other hazards.

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