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Why are bird bones very light and hollow?

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Birds have hollow bones to help them fly. Solid bones would add to much weight and make it impossible to fly.

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What makes a birds bone are very light?

Bird bones are light because they are hollow.

How ae bird bones different from those other animals?

A bird's bones are virtually hollow so that they are light weight so the birds can fly. Other animals, including humans, have more marrow in our bones and they are very heavy compared to bird bones.

What weighs more bird feathers or bones?

Bird bones because feathers are very light and the bones just depend on the type of bird.

What is it about birds skeletons that makes them fly?

They have hollow and very light bones, plus the lift from thier wings then they are beating both together give the bird the ability to fly

How heavy are bird bones?

Most bird bones are very light, because extra weight would make it impossible to fly.

Why is the body of bird is very light?

It's body is light as a bird's bones are light so that they can fly. If the bones are heavy like us it cannot fly.

Why does a bird have compact bones?

They don't, bird bones are very light and airy due to their porousness. Helps them fly. Though, penguins and ostriches and the like do have sturdy bones, for obvious reasons. Those bones are derived from standard airy bird bones though.

What is the difference between a bird wing and a human arm?

Birds' wings have hollow bones and feathers; our arms don't. Also, the musculature and location of the bones is very different.

How do birds bones enable then to fly?

The bones in a bird are hollow, making the bird lighter, allowing flight. However, this also has a downside: bird's bones are very easily broken, and once they are broken they often do not mend properly, meaning that if a bird breaks its wing, it will often never fly again.

Are penguins' bones solid or hollow?

Normal birds have very light, hollow, fragile bones to save weight making flight easier. Penguins however have solid heavy bones. Not only does this improve bone strength, but also adds weight to aid in diving and swimming.

How strong bird bones are?

Yes very !

What makes birds unique about the birds bones to make them fly?

Bird bones are hollow and very thin or at least most of them are. Some are air filled and others have trusses or cross walls to make them strong. They also have fewer bones than mammals or reptiles of similar size. The skeleton is more rigid. These are factors which help a bird to manage flight.

What part of the bird allows it to fly?

It wings. It also has very light bones compared to other animals of its size, allowing it to fly easier

Why are a bird's bones hollow?

Birds' bones are hollow to help them fly. It makes them lighter.

What adaptation helps birds fly?

Wings , hollow bones. Feathers are very important also.

What group of animals have bones with large central cavities and disproportionately large breast muscles?

Birds have hollow bones and very large breasts

How is a birds body suitable for flying?

The bones in a bird are unlike other animals in that they're hollow, meaning they weigh much less for their size than other animals. Also, the feathers on the birds body, also very light, help capture wind better than fur can, for example, promoting flight.

How can a bird fly?

It uses its curved wings. The whole of a bird's body structure makes it very light. It also loses its weight by pooing almost everytime. So it will be lighter and is able to fly more easily. Some birds' body structures are already too big and they cannot fly. Well the reason birds CAN fly is because they have hollow bones. There hollow bones makes them lighter. They also have a KEEL bone which is used to keep the bird upright so they don't fall over during flight. and pooing doesnt make any difference with the birds weight!!

Should you feed your dog a pork shoulder bone?

Your dog will be very happy to be able to chew on a pork shoulder bone. That kind of bone is solid enough that it will not splinter. The dangerous bones are chicken or other bird bones, because they are hollow and can splinter, creating sharp fragments that can harm a dog.

Description of a bird?

The bird has body is covered in feathers, the bones are very light. It has a wishbone and wings. The bird also has sharp claws as fingers. A bird can be different sizes. Good eyesight and a sharp beak. It can also glide short distances and is warm blooded. And has a back bone and tiny feet with sharp claws.

What are some adaptations related to fight in birds?

Among other adaptations, birds have hollow bones to make for a very light skeleton, a large breastbone to attach flight muscles, and strong muscles in their chests for flight.

How much does Big Bird weigh?

Birds are very light because of their thin bones made convenient for flying. I forget if Big Bird can fly, but if he can, I would estimate about 83 pounds, considering the size of his build. If he can't fly, I estimate about 143 pounds.

What if the middle layer of your bones was heavy instead of light?

Our bones would be very weak and we would break them easily

Is a wren a big bird?

No. A wren is a very small bird.No. A wren is a very small bird.No. A wren is a very small bird.No. A wren is a very small bird.No. A wren is a very small bird.No. A wren is a very small bird.No. A wren is a very small bird.No. A wren is a very small bird.No. A wren is a very small bird.No. A wren is a very small bird.No. A wren is a very small bird.

What kind of muscle makes human bones light?

The type of muscles that wrap around bones are typically skeletal muscles, but muscles do not make the bones light. What makes bones light are the fact that they are porous. There are a lot of holes within the bones that make it lighter, but those holes make sort of arcs and what not, similar to those in the Eiffel tower, for example. They are light weight, but very strong.