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The Albatross, California Condor, and the Harpy Eagle are actually quite large, but many animal adapt to their immediate environment rather quickly. Smaller size means less food-intake is necessary.

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Why do small birds heart beat faster than big birds?

Well its because Small birds have small wings so they don't have as much air under the wings unlike big birds so in place of that the small birds beat their wings faster which common sence tells you that the heart rate goes up

Why are most birds small?

Most birds are small for a variety of reasons. One reason is so they can fly faster. Another is so that predators have a harder time catching them.

What do kukaburras eat?

Kukaburras are predator birds, so they will go ahead and eat small birds.

Why do small birds flap their wings fast?

becuz wingz small so fater

Why do small birds attack big birds?

Cause smaller birds are scared of larger birds eatind their young so the chase and attack it for it to fly away.

What birds lay small eggs?

Generally, small birds

How do Warblers travel?

Warblers are small birds, so to travel they fly.

What does small cheeping birds symbolize in a poem?

small cheeping birds

How are birds the hyenas predator?

because the birds are small but the birds

What is a group of small birds called?

A group of small birds is called a dissimulation

The birds feed on a particular caterpillar so that the resulting population of butterflies is small what can be said of the relationship between the birds and the butterflies?

The birds and butterflies compete and the birds are also a limiting factor for the butterflies.

Why do birds swallow small stones?

Birds do not have teeth, so they swallow stones to fill their gizzard where the stones are used to "chew" their food.

What animals eat small birds?

Big birds eat little or in this case small birds. also squirles and cats.

Could frogs in your man made pond be killing small birds?

they can because the molecular compounds move together and making the frogs jump so high to snatch the birds and cripple them. they eat small birds and cripple larger ones

Do grasslands have many birds?

yes, they have many small birds that belong to that specific habitat, but it is possible to find bigger birds such as hawks, that are feeding on the small birds

What is the small birds in the world?

hummingbirds are the smallest birds.

What did Darwin observed that small birds on the Galapagos islands differed in the shape?

Darwin observed that small birds on the Galapagos islands differed in the shape of their beaks.The seeds that were left on the island were harder so the birds beaks evolved and became stronger and harder.

Is a song bird a bird of prey?

Song birds are generally small garden birds, so called because of their singing. Birds of prey are bigger, and not known for their singing abilities, so in answer to your question, No, a song bird is not a bird of prey

How many small animals and birds are killed by cats every year?

it is estimated that over 2.5 million birds and small animals are killed by cats each YEAR. yet there is still so many...............

Do birds eat cranberries?

Most birds in the wild eat a wide variety of nuts, berries, and small insects, so yes, they do eat cranberries.

What type of predatory bird feds on mice and small birds?

Owls feed on mice and small birds.

What does pajaras mean in spanish?

Small birds or little birds

What type of birds do lynxes eat?

they eat small birds

Do birds have nose?

They don't have noses but they have beaks. They have beaks. They have two small holes on the top of it. Birds have what's called a bill (or a beak) and so yes. Birds do have a nose because if you saw a bird's beak up close, there are two small holes right on top of it.

How does a cat get its own food?

Cats are instinctive hunters, so they prey on small animals such as birds, mice, voles, and sometimes small rabbits.

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