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Why are blarshnuggets only derogatory on a Tuesday when the sun is full and the moon is bright?

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It is a MYTH that blarshnuggets are only derogatory on Tuesdays when the sun is full and the moon is bright. (Where do you get your information??) This remarkable phenomenon also happens on Thursdays.

2010-12-05 01:56:20
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How bright is the sun compared to the full moon?

the sun is so bright that it can blind you.

What did the moon look like last Tuesday?

full moon

When the moon looks like a compelite bright circle of light what is it?

fullwhen the moon is full.

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Why is the moon still full after 4 days?

It is difficult to tell exactly when the Moon is full just by looking; a Moon that's a day or two before the full moon is almost as bright as the full moon itself, and it remains quite bright for a day or two after.

What is Torah Bright's full name?

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When the moon appears to be a bright circle it is in this phase?

full moon

Is the moon waxing or waning?

The moon is waxing from the new moon to the full moon and waning from the full moon to the new moon. Remember this: when the right is bright it's waxing and when the left is bright it is waning

What day of the week was April 17 1973?

Tuesday. It was also a full moon that day.

Does the full moon look like a big bright circle?


If the moon is full what shape is it in the sky?

It will be in the form of a bright circular shape.

What does it mean when someone calls you bright?

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What do you call the phase of the moon when its completely bright with no shadows on it?

full moon

What can you conclude about an erythrocyte that's bright in red color?

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How much of the bright side of the moon is visible during a full moon?

All of it. That's why it's called a "full" moon.

What is bright halo of sun's atmosphere visible during full eclipse?

The Corona.

The bright halo of sun's atmosphere visible during full eclipse?

The corona.

Can you see the full moon set or is it too bright from the sunrise by that time?

its crust

What is the phase of the full moon and the new moon?

Full moon-It's bright and fully round. New moon-It's there but invisible.

When plants are said to require full sun how many hours of sun is considered full?

Regularly, Full Sun is appx. 6 to 8 hours of bright sun.

Date of full moon march 1959?

1959 Mar 24 20:03 (GMT). It was a Tuesday.

Is it bad luck to be born on a Tuesday?

No, according to the old nursery rhyme, Tuesday's child is full of grace.

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