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Why are boys difficult to impress?

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They are no more difficult to impress than girls. Each person is an individual. Impressing anyone depends on you and the individual.

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Do love letters impress boys?


Why do boys take their shirts off?

To get a tan, to be cooler, to impress a girl, to impress a guy.

What do Indonesians wear?

short skirts and dresses to impress boys ;)

How do you impress crush?

Just act natural. Boys don't like you pretending, to be somthing your not

How do attracked boys?

Show off your wicked awesome grammar skillz, IMPRESS AWAY!

What kind of things impress girls?

hot boys mostly,but it depends on what type of girl.

What type of wine will impress my girlfriend's father?

It is difficult to know what type of wine will impress a persons girlfriend's father as it will depend heavily on his taste in wine. Older wines will generally impress more than newer ones.

What actors and actresses appeared in Impress - 2012?

The cast of Impress - 2012 includes: Adam Boys as James Joel Montgrand as Tom Jen Viens as Anna

Ways to impress a guy?

Be respectful. Boys love to be respected and feel trusted. Just tell him that you trust him. Boys love that kind of stuff :)

How boys flirt?

they do stuiped stuff in front of you so they can try to make you laugh and impress you too

How is impress Tamil girls?

How to Impress Tamil Girls is a film which is actually training for teen age boys. There are 25 listed ways to get a girls attention in this film which can be found on the internet.

Interests of 14 yr old girls?

boys, shopping, boys, boys, facebook, flirting with boys while shopping, talking to boys on facebook, going to their brothers footy games to check out boys, training for sport to impress boys and music. Oh! and music sung by hot boys :)

Why do boys fight?

Because they want to impress a girl or just angry (How should I know I'm a girl):D

How can girls impress boys?

be yourself and always go around him and his group JUST DO NOT LET ME REAPEAT MY SELF DO NOT GET SHY

What should boys be?

Boy's should be just the way they are, they don't have to change the way that they look just to impress people.

What is another software like Powerpoint?

Open Office Impress.Open Office Impress.Open Office Impress.Open Office Impress.Open Office Impress.Open Office Impress.Open Office Impress.Open Office Impress.Open Office Impress.Open Office Impress.Open Office Impress.

Do boys crash cars more than girls?

Yes they do. They try to impress the girls by racing other guys. Probably as a result of Testosterone, which boys have more of and girls don't.

How do you impress a girl in 5th grade?

I'm a girl and boys impress me by giving me candy, jewlery, even stuffed animals. It really impresses me when a guy tries to be the best at something when i'm looking :) Good luck!

How do you impress a guy when a guy's trying to impress you?

If he wants to impress you, he likes you. Impress him by asking him out.

What clothing do you wear to impress boys?

wear sexy clothes (like open backed dresses) (im a teenager too!)

Why do girls change around other girls with 2 boys around?

Many girls feel self conscious around boys and try to impress them. others try to be as discreet as possible around boys. Trust me I was like that once.

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