Lactation and Breastfeeding

Why are breasts good?

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they were or still are used to breastfeed babies.

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How do you make your breasts feel good?

Massaging your breasts with lotion feels really good

How breasts grow naturally?

breasts grow naturall but the fatter you are the bigger your breasts good luck

If breasts are good why are dumb guys called breasts?

Because they have different meanings. They can be a word that means Breasts or a word that means Dummy.

Do breasts taste good?


Is it good to have huge breasts?

No there is no advantage in it.

Is having really big breasts good or bad?


Are breasts good for revenge?

Depends on what your trying to do.

Why do breasts get sore?

They are good things to nibble on

Why do women play with their breasts?

it feels good

What is so good about womens breasts to guys?

a better question is what isn't so good about womans breasts to guys, and you know what the ansewer is, absolutley nothing.

What does it feel like to have your breasts sucked?

painfull but kinda good get te boy to suck your breasts next

Do guys like girls with big breasts or small breasts?

any size is good small r cute

Why is chicken breasts good for you?

For cholesterol and to lose weight.

Pressing breasts good for women?

Can you explain what you mean?

Do girls look good with big breasts?


How do you make a woman feel good by touching her breasts?

Female breasts are sensitive and by lightly rubbing them, licking, or caressing in some way or another feels very good to them.

Does it feel good to massage your breasts?

It depends on the types of boobs you have

Where can one find good recipes for hot chicken breasts?

One can find good recipes for hot chicken breasts from websites such as 'BBC Good Food', 'All Recipes', 'Food Network', 'Tablespoon' and even 'Pinterest'.

Who has the nicest breasts in the world?

Your spouse or partner, there can be no other answer, especially when asked by same. Well I hate to say this but KFC's breasts are pretty good.

What temperture to bake bonless skinless chicken breasts?

350 degrees F is a good temperature for baking skinless boneless chicken breasts.

How big a good size for breasts are?

It completely depends on your genetics =) anysize is good. Bs,Cs,Ds are good for bed

How can you make your breasts smaller if you have lost weight but haven't lost any from your breasts?

Without surgery the only solution is to wear a good tight bra.

Your breast size is 34B and your bust is more My body is thin when compared to my breasts what type of bra you should wear so as to make your breasts look good?

You should were thin bras so as to keep your breasts safe and be sexy.

How should I ask to touch a girl's breasts?

you just ask girls love to have there breasts squeezed even there vagina have sex with them then hump them they will love it squeez her vagina and breasts nice and good you will say ooo ahh that feels nice

How big are 34d breasts?

A good size, I guess it just depends on your age.