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Paper brown grocery bags are argued to be better for the environment as they are biodegradable wheras some plastic bags can last decades and potentially harm wildlife.

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Q: Why are brown paper grocery bags better for the environment?
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How is brown rice handled and transported from its origin to the grocery store?

paper bags ontruckes

Why is a grocery bag containing all canned goods is harder to lift than a grocery bag full of paper goods?

Because gravity has a better hold on it ( It's heavier)

Are paper bags healthy to the environment?

Yes and no, but plastic is better because you can recycle and reuse them.

How can you reuse grocery plastic and paper grocery bags?

Plastic: you could use it as a lunch sack or to carry things in Paper: recycle.

What is a brown paper made out of?

Brown paper.

Is brown paper towels less absorbent then other paper towels?

they are cheeper. other thicker towels can absourb liquid better

Why is a brown paper bag better for preserving evidence than a plastic bag?

Because paper disintegrates faster than plastic

What is a brown paper bag made out of?

Brown paper.

What kind of paper is nrc paper exactly?

NRC paper does not refer to any type of paper. NCR Paper, however, is a company that makes copying paper that is not made with carbon. This type of paper is better for the environment than standard copy paper.

How does sunlight effect paper?

There are many different types and grades of paper, and sunlight affects them all differently. The brown "craft" paper, such as a paper grocery bag, is relatively unaffected by sunlight. Newspaper will turn brown and often curl up.

Is paper better than plactic or is plactic better than paper?

Whether paper is better than plastic depends on how it is used. As a writing material, paper is often better. As a conveyance for flowing liquids, plastic is usually better than paper. For bags, if you are unable to use reusable grocery bags (which are readily available for very low prices but require periodic laundering), paper is the much better option. Paper bags, while not exactly environmentally friendly, can at least be composted or recycled. Plastic bags have very few secondary uses, and are almost always simply thrown in the trash.

Why is a brown paper grocery bag hydrophobic?

Do you mean the waxed kind, then it is because the wax covering is an organic compound with does not attract water, therefore water is not permeable through this layer.