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The bull shark has the tendency to pose more of a threat do to the fact that it can swim up and survive in rivers and lakes, as well as the ocean. Therefore, it has more oppurtunitys to attack people, in oceans and rivers. However, the great white is still deadly, but the Bull shark seems to go after it's prey and kill them, not just taste. :)

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Q: Why are bull sharks deadlier than great white sharks?
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What species are related to a bull shark?

Great white sharks are possible to be related to bull sharks. Great white sharks are somehow danderous like bull sharks. Great white sharks are possible to be related to bull sharks. Great white sharks are somehow danderous like bull sharks.

What do great white sharks and bull sharks have similar about them?

there sharks.

Why are bull sharks more aggresevethan great white sharks?

Because they have the name bull in it

Do great white eat bull sharks?


What type of sharks swim in the sf bay?

Great White and Bull sharks.

What 3 sharks are considered a treat to humans?

Great white sharks, hammerhead sharks, and bull sharks.

Are bull sharks and great white sharks related?

They are not related just because they are both sharks.

What sharks are in the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic includes Hammerhead sharks, Great White sharks, bull sharks, and tiger sharks.

What are three ocean predators?

Killer whales, great white sharks, bull sharks.

What sharks kill people?

the bull, ocanic white, great white, and tiger do.

What kind of shark live in England?

mako sharks bull sharks basking sharks and rarely great white sharks

What types of sharks are ther in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong there are Bull Sharks, Great White Sharks and Tiger Sharks.

What water animal is the most responsible for human deaths?

Bull sharks or Great white sharks.

What are dolphins enemies?

dolphins enemies are bull sharks tiger sharks dusky sharks and great white sharks.sharks can kill dolphins.

What kind of sharks can be found in Hong Kong?

you find bull sharks and a 50 foot great white

How big is a great white shark then a bull shark?

The biggest great white sharks can reach up to 8 meters in length, while the biggest bull sharks can reach up to 3 meters in length.

What type of shark lives in the pacific?

great white sharks,tiger sharks,bull sharks,gray reef sharks, blacktips and whitetips.

Which are most powerful sharks?

bull shark , great white shark, and the hammerhead

What are the 5 unfriendly sharks?

bull tiger blue great white mako.

Does a shark eat a tiger shark?

thear are some sharks what are stronger then tiger sharks such as bull shark and great white sharks

How many sharks give live birth?

About 60% of sharks give live birth. Some species that do are Bull sharks and great white sharks.

What kind of animals eat Dolphins?

Great White shark,tiger sharks,bull sharks,orca whales

Have bull sharks killed anyone in the great lakes?

Bull sharks do not live in the Great Lakes.

What mite eat bull sharks?

saltwater crocodiles eat young bull sharks, but not full grown. maybe other types of crocodile and alligator. they may become prey to tiger and great white sharks or even other bull sharks

Are bull sharks more dangerous than great white sharks and why?