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Why are cats so independent?

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Cats are independent because they were once in the wild and cats are better at hunting, so they do not depend much on humans on their food. there is a saying that goes " dogs have masters, cats have staff. '' that's why dogs are easier to train, but cats are easier to take care of. there are some cats that do like attention, like a Persian cat, but they were bred to be that domestic.

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Are Savannah cats independent?

Yes, the Savannah cats are independent they hunt to get food to eat.

Cats are a lot more independent then dogs?

Yes cats are a lot more independent than dogs.

Are cats as independent as dogs?

Yes cats are more independent than dogs as they are still in the wild basically but dogs are not.

Why are cats selfish?

Cats are selfish because the are independent animals

Why was it hard to domesticate cats?

Well if it was hard it is probably because they are so independent and free-spirited.

Why are cats difficult to train?

The simple answer is that cats are more independent than dogs.

Is are a verb in the sentence cats are independent?

Yes it is.

Are savannah cats independent do they like to be picked and what cat will come on your lap on its own?

Wild Savannah cats are independent. When domesticated, they will come to your lap on their own.

Why are cats so self centered?

Cats aren't completely self centered, just very independent animals. Cats take care of themselves mostly, but they still need their owners to care for them. They can still be very friendly, even though they're are independent. Because they're independent, cats don't spend all they're time thinking about others, being with others, etc. They would rather be by themselves & do things at their own will. They aren't as social as other animals, like dogs, but cats will love their owners just the same, even if it's not as obvious.

How do cats act?

cats are very independent and most cats love affection however there are a few moody cats that you get but every cat is different but with some specific types of cats you get specific personality

Why are cats independent?

they have their claws so the they can climb trees, fight dogs, and catch their food. they are also very quiet so the can pounce on their a cat is like a mini surviver

How much attention do cats need from owners?

Cats are quite independent but I always know when my cats need attention, as they get all affectionate with me, licking and rubbing me and purring.

Are dogs easier to train than cats?

Dogs think of their owners as the pack leader, so if you instruct it to do something it will do it, most likely seeking a reward. Cats are more independent and choose whether they want to do something or not.

Are cats or dogs more independent?

Cats are very shy and most of them dont like people. But dogs love people.

What are the release dates for Independent Lens - 1999 The Cats of Mirikitani 8-23?

Independent Lens - 1999 The Cats of Mirikitani 8-23 was released on: USA: 8 May 2007

Contrast dogs and cats in essy-?

One contrast in dogs and cats that can be spun into an essay is that dogs are much more trainable than cats. Cats can be described as a lot more independent than dogs.

Why do humans love cats?

Cats are very affectionate and are very independent, two key aspects of their nature that cause humans to be infatuated by them.

How many shorthaired cats are there?

there are 20 something shorthaired cats. I learned that from my independent studie in 3rd grade. I think it was 24 or 23.

Why are cats so curios?

because cats are cats

Are cats a good pet for kids?

Yes, as long as the child is not allergic to fur. Cats are quite independent animals and they are easily potty trained.

What two things can cats move independent of each other?

Their ears, their feet, their legs.

How do wild cats raise their young?

Cats all protect their young, teach them hunting skills, and seem to know exactly when it is time for them to become independent.

Why were cats eyes made?

So cats can see. Cats eyes help cats see.

Why won't cats come when called?

actually some cats do, it depends on if you have trained them to do it. the cats that don't come either have not beed traind to come on call, or they are just to idapendant. (cats are a verry independent race, that is why they often wander off to be by themselfs.)

Why do cats huff at other cats?

The cats say they are the boss so that's why they do that.