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Actually cats are relatively dumb for their relative brain capacity; most people believe they are smart because they have a relatively complex language, but this does not reflect on their intellect.

actually they are very smart.

ignore this person above.

My cat is pretty smart but that's just me I don't know about you.


Cats are actually very smart but if you ask it 3+3, cats wouldn't know. It is smart in hunting, balancing and a lot more. Cats know what food to eat ( it woundn't eat plastic!! ) , what place is comfy to sleep on and a lot more! If you thought the larger the brain is, the smarter than you wrong. Cats can be smart in some area and dumb in some area.

My cat is so smart he got out of my house and didn't come back till night

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Why are cats so weird?

they arent........... they are just realy smart

How smart are cats?

Cats all have different IQ so if you are wondering how smart your cat is go to click on pets and find cat IQ quiz answer some questions and find out your cats IQ

How are dogs horses cats geckos and birds so smart?

they are all differant

How can cats help people live longer?

Cats are not that smart to help people only dogs can help old people and so cats are too lazy to help people.

Why did Mark Twain have so many cats?

So an idiot like can ask this quiestion. BTW Mark Twain has so many cats because he was cool and smart, unlike an idiot like you.

What kinds of cats are smart?

Among the smart cat breeds: Siamese, Abyssian, Sphinx, Russian Blue, Bombay, and Singapura. All cats are smart and nice creatures.

What are some reasons tigers are smart?

they are in the cat family and cats are smart

Dogs are smarter than cats you fool?

While dogs are smarter than cats in many ways, cats also have their smart points too. Dogs are smart at working in groups, but cats are smart in working as an individual. Dogs also tend to be easier to train with tricks, but cats are also less picky, and are smart enough to be outside on the street alone. There is no proper judgment of the smartness of dogs and cats contrasted.

Are Irish cats smart?

All cats are very smart, much smarter than dogs. It doesn't matter where a cat comes from for it to be smart. If you were to leave a cat, that cat would rely on nature, catching it's own food. A dog, on the other hand, would be likely to starve or make itself sick by eating decaying food... Yes, so Irish cats are smart, by rights.

What animals are smart?

monkeys, cats

What is a rabbits IQ Like are they smarter than cats but less smarter than dogs I know they are smart in their own way but I was wondering how smart are they?

A house cats is about twice as smart as a rabbit.

How smart are Siamese cats?

Siamese cats are as smart as far as you can throw them, maybe farther.

Why are cats dum?

They aren't dumb, cats are actually very smart animals

Are rats just as smart as cats?


Are dogs as smart as cats?

No. Cats are much smarter than dogs, and they KNOW it! Cats own the world, it exists for them.

Are cats smarter then dogs?

Truth:You can't tell. Cats and dogs are equaly smart.

Why cats are ugly?

Cuz they are dum and ugly,and if you dont belive me then your stupid so,this must only mean one thing that cats are better than cats because dogs are cool,smart and good looking and cute.

Are cats smart animals?

Cats aren't the smartest animals around but they are not stupid its kinda in the middle.

How do you get of cats?

Your a smart boy little timmy you can figure it out

How smart are tuxedo cats?

It depends on the individual cat.

How smart is a tiger compared to other animals?

VERY SMART! cats are very smart animals and tigers are part of the cat family :)

Why do cats always wear purple on Sundays?

They like purple (most of them)They are smart 'cause purple is so awesome-----Anonomous

Are black and white cats smarter than other cats?

No, the color of the cat has nothing to do with how smart a cat is or is not. This would depend on what breed of cat it is. No all cats r very clever sooooooo there all clever no its because all cats are smart in there own ways

Are Siamese cats smart?

Yes they are smart, all cats have a ability to learn just like humans. It all depends on the habitat they are living in, if there are alot of things that chalenge them they will learn what to do.

Why is dogs smarter than cats?

As with people individuals vary widely in how smart they are. I have seen very smart cats and very stupid dogs (and the other way around too).