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Why are cats so smart?

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2014-10-01 05:24:06

Actually cats are relatively dumb for their relative brain

capacity; most people believe they are smart because they have a

relatively complex language, but this does not reflect on their


actually they are very smart.

ignore this person above.

My cat is pretty smart but that's just me I don't know about



Cats are actually very smart but if you ask it 3+3, cats

wouldn't know. It is smart in hunting, balancing and a lot more.

Cats know what food to eat ( it woundn't eat plastic!! ) , what

place is comfy to sleep on and a lot more! If you thought the

larger the brain is, the smarter than you wrong. Cats can be smart

in some area and dumb in some area.

My cat is so smart he got out of my house and didn't come back

till night

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