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Q: Why are children more prone to be emotionally affected by a disability?
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What was J.K. Rowlings disability?

she's prone to depression

What are the long term effects on an adult son if his mother has always withheld emotional support from him?

It affects the son emotionally. Most of such children grow up to believe that they are alone, and are prone to join groups that offer them care.

Why are children and teenagers less affected by back pain?

Because of their greater flexibility and lack of agerelated degeneration, children and teenagers are much less prone than adults to develop medically significant back pain.

How can you use prone in a sentence?

Parents take preventive measures in regards to protecting our children, but children are just accident prone.

What does the term accident prone mean?

Accident prone refers to anyone who seems to be more susceptible to accidents and injuries than others. This may be due to disability or merely clumsiness.

Are children more prone to bike accidents?

Children are more prone to bike accidents because they are prone to more error related crashes. Children lack judgement skills that allow them to decide how to navigate with other people on the roadways. A large number of accidents are from bicycling the wrong way in traffic.

Why are children now more prone to child obesity?

Children are more prone to obesity because their parents sit them in front of the computer or in front of the television instead of making them play.

Why children are more prone to dehydration?

Children are more prone to dehydration and heat illness than adults because they have more body surface area per pound of weight.

How animals are affected by water polution?

because when they take in that water it has unnecessary and danger prone water

Why would the state of Delaware be affected by a hurricane?

Delware is on the East Coast of the U.S., which is prone to hurricanes.

What are the major effects of street children in the Philippines?

children are prone to be a criminal

What is the problem with metals that contain iron?

prone to corrosion by rusting affected by magnetic field weigh more