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While this is a generalization full of holes, a reason could be that those near the equator are primarily tropical. These people have it relatively easy as far as food supplies so working outside was never a big deal. Thus an agrarian society prevails and those heavily agrarian societies have never put too much stock in education. Thus, a lower literacy rate.

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Q: Why are countries closer to the equator have a lower literacy rate?
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Can everyone write?

Not everyone can write. Different countries have different literacy rates. Most countries in the western world have literacy rates of around 99%, whereas developing countries have much lower literacy rates.

Is Mississippi closer to the equator than Missouri?

Yes, Mississippi is closer to the equator than Missouri. Mississippi is located at a lower latitude than Missouri, making it closer to the equator.

How many people read?

this depends on what country, in North America the literacy rate is 95% there are countries in Africa, that only have a 3% literacy rate. Much needs to be done to bring education to the poorest countries in the world, because the poorer the country the lower the literacy rate.

What is closer to the equator 64 degrees north latitude 76 degrees west longitude or 22 degrees south latitude 88 degrees west longitude?

The second one, 22°S 88°W, is closer to the equator than 64°N 76°W The lower latitudes are closer to the equator. (0° latitude)

Why is the temperatures in Ireland differ from countries that lie on the equator?

Countries on or close to the equator have higher temperatures because they are nearer to the sun. Ireland is 53°North, so a long way from the equator and as a result it gets lower temperatures.

Is Missouri or Mississippi warmer?

Mississippi, because it is closer To the middle of earth. :-)

Why Sri Lanka is hotter than Nepal?

Sri Lanka is located nearer to the equator than Nepal and is located in a lower altitude.

How is temperature and latitude related?

Temperature and latitude are inversely related - generally, as you move closer to the equator (lower latitudes), temperatures tend to be higher, while as you move towards the poles (higher latitudes), temperatures tend to be lower. This relationship is due to the angle at which sunlight hits the Earth's surface, with more direct sunlight at lower latitudes leading to higher temperatures.

Can you use a map to figure out what place is closer to the equator?

A world map will usually show you quickly how far a location is from the equator. But you can also determine it easily from the geographic coordinates. Latitude values get higher as you move away from the equator to the north or south. If a location has a lower numerical value for the latitude (N or S number), it is closer to the equator than those with a higher number.Example :New York City is near 41° N 74° W - New Orleans is near 30° N 90° W - Brasilia, the capital of Brazil is near 16°S 48°W.New Orleans has a lower latitude number (30) than New York (41), meaning it is closer to the equator. But Brasilia has a latitude of (16), meaning it is closer than either of the other cities, although it is south of the equator while the other two are north.

Is the climate warmer in Texas or Ohio?

Generally, the climate is warmer in Texas than in Ohio. Texas experiences hotter temperatures due to its location closer to the equator and lower elevation compared to Ohio. Ohio has a more temperate climate with colder winters and milder summers.

What factor do you think is the cause of low temperature that city?

Explanation: There are certain factors that affects a certain area's temperature and of which is the location of that place. And the other is its closeness to the equator. Basically, in a certain country, if your area is located in a high altitude place, you experience low temperature (cold weather) and if your area is located in the lower grounds, expect high temperature (warmer weather). Another factor would also be your country's closeness from the equator. The closer it is, the lower your temperature will be. That is why we have what we call tropical countries like The Philippines. Other countries with tropical weather: Brazil Peru Vietnam Laos Cambodia Bahamas

What effects climate the most?

Climate is effected most by longitude. Longitude (up and down axis of earth) determines how far or close an area is the equator, measuring at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The closer an area is to the equator the lower the temperature. The farther an area is from the equator, the higher the temperature.