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Why are drugs illegal When people are just going to use them anyway?

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Apparently you've never met a drug addict. For the same reason that possessing, producing and/or distributing child pornography is wrong. It exploits the weak in order to profit individuals that don't care who they hurt to get what they want.

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Is it wrong to ask a teenager if they have illegal drugs on them?

Yes, and they're not going to say yes anyway if they're smart. Just do not bother, it can be a little offensive to some people. Almost like you are assuming they have drugs on them for being teenagers/how they look. This is really not something you should be asking anyone.

Why are illegal drug prices keep going up?

Because illegal drugs are hard to get and there are no official regulations on prices.

Why is the impact of legal drugs on health greater than illegal drugs?

More people take legal drugs, than illegal drugs.Since only a relatively small number of people choose to break the law and use illegal drugs, the overall impact on society is limited.In contrast, most people take a legal drug at some point in their lifetime. So legal drugs have a far greater total impact on health.Realize however this is all just quantitative. The actual impact of any drug on an individual is going to vary greatly. A single person taking an illegal drug is going to be far more impacted by that one drug if they allow it to destroy their life than any total number of legal drugs they may take. On the other hand; that one persons downfall is but a drip in the bucket compared to the sheer volume of other people not taking illegal drugs who will only have a legal drug impacting their life.

What is the condition of a person who does not misuse or abuse drugs?

A person that does not misuse or abuse drugs is going to be healthy. Drugs have a big effect on a persons body whether they are legal or illegal.

Do illegal drugs really make you cooler?

Short answer: No. Long answer: Doing anything just to impress other people, or to "look cool", never makes you cooler. Most of the time it makes you an idiot. I agree. doing illegal drugs just to impress people is only going to get you in jail or you are going to have to pay fine. drugs hurt your body and you think they do you good but your just killing your body. so if you need any advice or help just email me.

Why do Americans cross the border to Canada to buy prescription drugs?

The drugs are cheaper in Canada than they are in the United States. It can save them money by going to Canada and bringing the drugs back with them. It is illegal though.

Why is cannaabis so dangorus?

People are going to take cannabis and other bad drugs if they are illegal or not but hopefully not as much would take them when they are illegal. Most teenagers that take them just do it to try and be cool and smart in front of their friends. Cannabis is the most widely used drug that is illegal in Britain.

Name three international Disputes going on in Mexico?

Smuggling of people and illegal drugs into the United States.Smuggling of people from Guatemala and Belize into Mexico.Smuggling of arms and military supplies (for drug cartels) from the United States.

Is the unborn baby going to have a short life if her mother are taking illegal drugs?

No but the kid will most likely be emotionally troubled and begin using drugs earlier than their peers.

If the police detain a person with a weapon outside a car and search the car without asking is it an illegal search?

A cop is not allowed to search your car without consent UNLESS they suspect that illegal activities are going on inside the vehicle, such as an open container (alcohol) or illegal drugs. If they suspect that you are hiding something illegal, they legally (as police officers) have the right to search your vehicle, and detain you as they do it. If you had a BB gun outside and were talking to someone in a car, the officer might wonder what's going on, and suspicion (instincts) would tell him that something's up. The officer might think that the BB gun is going to be used to steal the guy's car. Anyway, if he suspected that the driver of the car and you were doing something illegal (possibly selling/distributing illegal drugs), he might decide to search the vehicle, at which point he has every right.

How do you prevent drugs?

Amsterdam de-criminalized organic drugs and now has a lower useage than the u.s. apparently they have succeded in making weed "boring" what I'm saying is that you will find a higher percentage of people who don't use it where it is legal, than you will find of people who lie about not using it where it is legal. I'm not saying they don't use in Amsterdam, there are plenty of people who still love their drugs. essentialy, you cannot prevent the use of drugs. making them illegal only puts it in the control of druglords and causes violence. the government has no controll of illegal drugs, they can bust all of the stoners they want, drugs are never going away. there will allways be a new drug, and there will allways be a new person providing it.

Why people shouldn't take drugs doing sport?

you are going to get mad at a little boy while your taking drugs

How can you report a kid dealing drugs at your school?

I suggest going to your school principal and asking him to alert the police of the person dealing drugs, assuming that he is selling the drugs to minors, the drugs are illegal, or his is also a minor. You could find a sneaky, indirect way of making a teacher or principal find out he is selling drugs.

Is there still slavery going on?

No, in the United States slavery is now illegal. If there are some illegal operation that are going on people are not aware of them other than the ones involved and the law enforcement upon the discovery of an illegal operation.

Should alcohol be illegal or marijuana be legal?

Well, marijuana can be a controlled substance, although it does have the same affects of alcohol. Yes marijuana can be addictive, and people who are, are called "potheads". But our government legalizes alcohol, and that can be addictive, that's why in America we have people called "alcoholics". If they are going to make marijuana illegal, they might as well just make ALL drugs illegal. Because if you think about it... alcohol is a drug.

Marijuana cocaine and heroin have the same effect as alcohol on a driver's?

All of these things should not be taken if you are going to be driving. They are all illegal drugs.

What causes people to do drugs?

People can get into drugs if they are stressed and there life isn't going as well as they think it could or they could bet pressured into doing it by their friends who think it is cool.

Will drinking vinegar detox your body of drugs?

No, but it will make you pee! There is no way to "detox" your body when you use illegal drugs. If you choose to do drugs, you are going to have to take the consequences of your action. Most drugs take about a week to get out of your system for a drug test, but some last for much longer. WikiAnswers encourages you to go to rehab and get clean!

Do people on drugs cheat more?

In my opinion no someone going to cheat regardless if they are doing drugs or not, it may influence them more but some people know there limit on cheating and some don't

Why are silly bandz going to be illegal?

Silly banz aren't going to be illegal......... They're just going to be banned from some places.

How can you get help for your 21 yr old granddaughter she is on drugs and hangs with a gang she was going to beautiy school but threw that away now she wants to be a cna you gave her your car to get t?

That's tough because she's over 18.. Of course, drugs are still illegal and you could get her into trouble but I don't think that would be productive. Try telling her how you feel. and eventually, alot of people who are on drugs get sick of the lifestyle. This could be a phase.

What are the Cristian attitudes towards the use of drugs?

Christian attitudes about illegal drugs is most often that illegal drugs should not be used. This is based on scriptures stating that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that we should obey laws unless they conflict with scripture. Many, if not most Christians believe in going to a doctor and taking prescription drugs for treatment of disease, though some believe they should be avoided. Some believe that God is able to heal without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, and others believe there are alternatives to taking drugs, including prayer and faith, herbs, healthy diet, etc.

How is drugs a safety issue?

People under the influence of drugs may be sluggish of thought or action, or may have an incorrect perception of what is going on in the workplace. They can be a danger to themselves and others.

Why do people bet in jueteng?

mostly, people bet in jueteng, simply because they were hoping that they going to claim money by winning on this illegal game.......

How restricted games can be unrestricted on PC?

You would need to be a lot more specific in order to get an answer to this, and depending on what you mean it may be illegal, in which case you're not going to get an answer here anyway because we have a policy against it.