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Why are elephant seals called elephant seals?


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They are called elephant seals because they have long noses like a regular elephant.

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A male elephant seal is called a bull.

It refers to the elephant seals which were seen there.

Elephant seals do not have gills. They have lungs.

Because elephant seals are gray.

Killer wales eat elephant seals

Baby Elephant seals are called pups.

Yes, all elephant seals have trunks.

Elephant seals only have two predators. The primary natural predator of elephant seals are great white sharks. Elephant seals are also prey to killer whales known as orcas.

No. If you google pics of elephant seals, you will notice that they do not have tusks. Walruses have them, however.

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What is aelephant seals subphylum

GROUP NAME:COLONY xD =D :D :) =) X) ^_^

The height of southern and northern elephant seals are around 6' to 6' 6" The height of southern and northern elephant seals are around 6' to 6' 6"

Yes a polar bear is an enemy of the elephant sea land the elephant seals are a food source for the bears.

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Elephant seals have their trunks to make a weird call and for a couple other things.

Harbor seals, Elephant seals, Ross seals, Weddell seals, Antarctica Fur seals, Leopard seals and Navy seals.

Female Elephant seals (called cows) weigh 1 tonne and can be 3.5 metres long! They have silvery skin and big black eyes which help to hunt their prey!

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elephant seals live in sub Antarctica and Antarctica waters and in the ocean,sand bars and on the beach!

When it comes to birth, elephant seals are perfectly normal mammals, with live births.

Elephant seals normally have 1 or 2 babies, but can sometimes have up to 4 or 5.

Elephant Seals are found in Antarctica.

yes they do. there are leopard seals elephant seals and many other breeds

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