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Do elephant seals have eggs or live babies?


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When it comes to birth, elephant seals are perfectly normal mammals, with live births.

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No. Seals are mammals. They give live birth to babies, and nurse them with milk. No eggs laid.

They lack gills, they give birth to live babies (not eggs).

elephant seals live in sub Antarctica and Antarctica waters and in the ocean,sand bars and on the beach!

Elephant Seals are found in Antarctica.

yes they do. there are leopard seals elephant seals and many other breeds

elephant seals, arctic seals, and monk seals

A camel does not lay eggs they have live babies

Yes, Northern Elephant seals migrate to Alaska to feed.

Elephant Seals do not live underwater because they are mammals and need to breath! Just like us, they have fat to keep them warm in the Sub-antarctic climate

Seals do spend a lot of time in water, but they don't lay eggs.

yes,they have live babies yes,they have live babies yes,they have live babies

Raccoons give birth to live babies, they do not hatch from eggs.

Grizzly bears have live babies.

Squids and the antarctic toothfish live in the waters of the antarctic penguins, seals, elephant seals, and many other.

On average elephant seals live to be about 108, depending on their location and diet.

Northern elephant seals have a short lifespan of nine years in the wild. Ringed and gray seals typically live up to 40 years. Leopard seals generally live up to 15 years. A southern elephant seal's average lifespan ranges from 20 to 22 years. Fur, Hawaiian monk, harp and Weddell seals live up to 30 years.

Being mammals Harp seals give birth to live pups.

Emperor penguins, Adelie penguins, flying birds, Elephant seals, Weddell seals and Leopard seals

elephants are land mammals. mammal means that they dont lay eggs, they give birth to live young and usually feed their babies with their milk.

No, their babies hatch from eggs.

Elephants are mammals, they give birth to live babies.

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