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Energy is important because there is no life without energy. All living things need energy.

Electricity is important because it is the kind of energy that holds the universe together. Every atom involves electricity. Electricity is important because it is transmittable through space at the speed of light.

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Q: Why are energy and electricity important to us?
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Why nuclear energy considered to be an important energy source?

It provides about 19 percent of US electricity and about 16 percent world-wide

What is nuclear energy's importance?

It produces nearly 20 percent of US electricity, so that makes it important

How important is electrical energy in our daily lives?

Today, electricity has become an important part of our life. Without it, today's and upcoming generation cannot survive. It is used in our daily life in every work. So,I think it is important and should be saved for future use...

What is the most important use of solar energy?

the most important use of solar energy is to make electricity.

What kind of energy does a lawnmower us?


How can geothermal energy help us?

to make electricity

How will wind energy help the US?

Wind power is an important form of renewable energy. Wind power converts the energy of wind into electricity. In order to reduce the pressure on fossil fuel consumption, renewable energy is a must.

Why sun is important to us six points?

gives light energy and heat energy gives us vitamin D for our bones gives electricity through solar helps for photosynthesis with out sunlight plants cannot grow

Why is static electricity is important?

static electricity is important because it is a type of lightning.some myths are when there is static electricity it means the god is angry with us.

Will wind energy always be available for us to generate electricity?


What percent of the US electricity is produced by coal energy?


What is one of the most important applications of nuclear energy?

To produce electricity