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== == EDIT: I asked my friend that before. He said that it's almost like a game. They find a hot chick, flirt till they hook up, use them, then dump them for another person or when they get bored. It's a cruel game, but you can't really tell me you liked the kind of guy that did the to you. I can't image what you got out of him. Can you care about someone that looked at you like you were a prize that they won? Besides, sometimes guys think with their balls and not their brains. Go find some cute, shy lawyer or something. Or one of those nice guys who don't have a reputation for being players. (And truthfully, I'm not sure what the person above wrote, but I have a suspicion he would know from experience about you question.)

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Everyone processes emotions differently, and some individuals may have a tendency to compartmentalize their feelings when it comes to breakups. It could also be a coping mechanism to avoid dealing with the emotions brought on by the end of a relationship. It's important to remember that everyone's emotional response to a breakup is unique and influenced by various factors.

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Q: Why are guys able to dump someone and move on very quickly.?
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