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Boys are afraid of kissing because it might ruin their pride

In all honesty, that is a lot of times true. Us guys have pride by nature. If we feel it is being taken away from us then we avoid it. Even so i love kissing!

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โˆ™ 2008-11-18 20:53:13
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Q: Why are guys afraid of kissing?
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What is gay kissing?

well it means two guys kissing or two girls kissing......

What is Zayn Malik not afraid of?

He's not afraid of scary movies or kissing in the dark.

How do guys make out with girls?

By kissing.

Is two guys or girls kissing wrong?

No, but why would you want to watch homosexuals kissing. why not?

Do guys like kissing girls?


Why do guys like to kiss?

Kissing can be fun.

Why are guys afraid to ask girls out?

They are afraid of being rejected.

Why are guys afraid to tell girls that they like them?

Because they're afraid of a negative reaction or they're afraid of being embarrassed. But some guys aren't like that.

What do girls think about guys who aren't afraid to be themselves?

Girls like guys who are self-confident and who aren't afraid to be themselves.

What can 6th grade guys and girls do about kissing on the lips?

* * * *

Does kissing make girls horney?

it depends on the kiss, the area where u r kissing, and the place you guys are.

Why when guys kiss it's gross but when girls kiss it's ok?

Not all guys kissing is gross, just sometimes but its because they are unsure how and slobber a bit. But its not really gross its kind of funny. Girls kissing is okay cause they go for it short and easy instead of trying to make out! It's the way you see it. Not everyone sees it the same way as you ! A gay guy would think guys kissing is OK, but maybe not with girls kissing, whereas a straight guy will think guys kissing is gross, but girls kissing exciting !

What is kissed by?

if you are a women you kiss a guy! If you are a guy you are kissing a girl. well your supposed to be kissing a girl! and for the girls you can kiss girls for all i care but guys on guys are so grows

What does kissing mean to a guy?

for most guys it's a physical manifestation of the feelings towards the person they're kissing.

Is a girl close to a guys crotch when kissing?

Depends how close you get.

Why do guys get erections from kissing?

Guys get erections when they feel good from doing, seeing or experiencing something related to love. if a guy gets an erection when he is kissing a girl it means he probably likes it.

What makes guys like to kiss girls with lip gloss?

Guys like kissing and shiny things

Why every time when your boyfriend approaches you for kissing you get nervous?

There could be a few different causes for this, either you're just afraid of kissing (if you're new to dating) or you're afraid you might not like him like he likes you.

What is a verb for purity?

Guys do not be afraid. The answer is PURE

What do you do if your boyfriend has a dream about you kissing and what do you do?

I think that is a hint that he wants to kiss you but he is to afraid to ask.

How do you know your boyfriend is insecure?

is his kissing other girls or other guys?

Why do guys cup your face when kissing you?

It gives a more romantic passion.

What is it mean if a guy likes 2 girls kissing?

it means he is not gay cause all straight guys like girls kissing

Why do boys stick their tongues girls mouths when kissing?

It's called French kissing. Guys do it as a form of pleasure. Aka making out ;)

What does it mean when you dreamed of mY man kissing another girl in front of you?

You are afraid of loosing him or him cheating on you