Why are guys attracted to curves?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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I argued years ago in a formal debate, that men are attracted to a women's curves (specifically the hips) because, they make for a great grip in many sexual positions. The truth,is the side my fellow debater got to defend. Natural Instinct! Woman who have large hips,and that hour glass appearance, are less susceptible to problems during labor. (The infant literally has more room). This of course,is something technology has helped to defeat,through operations such as the c section. Non the less, the males natural instinct,has not yet evolved with respect to technology. I think your right. I mean, it is kind of obvious. I mean, if you look at the cars that men like a lot, most of them have a bunch of curves. Which would a guy rather have: a box car, or a really curvy car?

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Q: Why are guys attracted to curves?
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