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Testosterone. Guys act mean when they are with their friends because of peer pressure. They do not want to appear sensitive - "weakness" toward the opposite gender is not "macho".

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What does it mean when a guys friends tease you about him?

They're jealous of him.

If a boy is mean to you around his friends and when he is not with his friends he is nice to you?

In my own opinion, guys who aren't nice to you around their friends but is nice when his friends aren't there are guys who are embarassed or ashamed to be your friend, and aren't good friends or partners.

What do you do when a guys friends are being mean and the guy the like doesn't do anything to stop it?

Just ignore the friends and go for what is yours

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to be friends after a date?

He doesn't like you more than friends. But maybe you guys would just be better as friends.

What does it mean a guy consider a girl as one of the guys?

well for boys when they say "the guys" that is guy talk for "best friends" hope that helps ^_^

How do guys act around his friends crush without him there?

They tease him or her but in a playful way they dont mean to her you.

What does it mean if a guys friends tell you all the time that one guy likes you?

then he probably likes you... (:

What does it mean if a guys friends say he likes you?

It means the guy has feelings for you but was too afraid to admit them.

She likes you but wants to talk to other guys?

Girls are aloud to have other friends, that are guys to. just because she talks to them doesn't mean they don't like you.

What is it supposed to mean if guys said you can be friends?

Don't try and read into anything and everything - it simply means he wants to be friends and nothing more.

What does it mean when a lot of guys wink at you and your friends?

it could mean that they think your fit but they could also just be being prats and leading you on :/

Do guys like when their friends like his girlfriend?

Guys want their friends to like their girlfriend but nothing more........ They don't want her to be liked by his friends as much as he likes her........ Guys just want their friends to accept her and be ok with it but not love her...

What does it mean when i guy gives you weird pet names and you guys don't date?

it means your adopted and have no friends.

What does the song impossible by shontelle mean?

it means that , the guys she dated is telling all of his friends that she still loves him

Can guys and girls be best friends forever?

Sure! There's no reason they can't be! It's good for guys to have girls that are just friends to them, and it's good for girls to have guys who are just their friends too.

When a girl dumps you and asks if you can still be friends and you start acting like best friends a couple of days after the break up what does this mean?

Pretty much you guys still like each other,but you guys dont know what to do ,so you guys just stay as "best friends". Well it could just mean that she's trying to show you that being friends is all your doing. Don't try to make a move on her, unless she does and you both want to or something. But, if you don't like her anymore, you can tell her this nicely and still be friends.

What does it mean if you are a teenage girl who is unable to make friends with any girls and all of your friends are boys?

It doesnt really mean anything except that youd rather be friends with guys evrybody is diffrent, while I can be friends with both sexes you prefer one, there is nothing wrong with that.

What does it mean when a guy holds your hand and when were not dating?

It is a sign that he likes you I mean like best friends or just regular friends don't hold hands they goof around a little but they don't hold hands so stay and be strong. If you guys are going to go out you guys have to promise to never let the relationship ruin the best friendship you guys have. If you don't want to go out with him and don't feel the same way just be friends.

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesnt want to sit by you at lunch?

that he needs a break or you guys just dont have the same friends

What does it mean if not only one guy keep looking at you?

maybe one of these guys like you and he is telling his friends to check you out!

Do guys tend to get close to your guy friends rather than your girl friends to get close to you?

yes guys feel more comfertable around guys if they hang out aroung ur girl friends he might get feelings for her

A guy can be friends with a female?

Yes, guys can be friends with a girl.

Is spongebob and his friends dudes cool guys or really cool guys?

really cool guys

How do you feel comfortable around guys?

Become friends with tons of guys.

What does the Hebrew word hevre mean in English?

hevre (חברה) is a slang term that refers to your "gang". it means friends, guys, or "the gang"

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