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It depends on how old you are, how healthy you are and also how much sports you play. People who play lots of sports have better endurance than those who dont

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Q: Why are heart ratess different?
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Why does the multiplier differ between countries?

its due to different tax interest and import ratess

How many different chambers does the heart have?

There are 4 different chambers in the heart.

The different kinds of heart disease?

There are several different kinds of heart diseases. Some of these include heart attack, coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, and congenital heart disease.

Which is better your real heart a different one?

Your Real Heart

Is it heartburn or heart attack?

Heart burn and heart attack are two completely different things

Why is the adult human heart different from a fetal heart?

Because it grows!

How is a heart attack different from heart failure?

its because the lack of oxygen

What makes the heart unique?

what makes the heart different to the other organs

How is heart measles different from the rest of the measles in your body?

It's in your heart.

Do different exercises have a effect on heart rate?

heart rate is effected by different forms of exercise because with the more superior exercise the higher your heart rate

What does the right heart do?

Different letters

How is a frog's heart different from a human's heart?

A frog's heart has only three chambers, and a human's heart has four chambers.

How is a frog heart different from a human heart?

A frog's heart has only three chambers, and a human's heart has four chambers.

How is a heart attack different from a heart faliure?

A heart attack is the death of heart muscle due to inadequate oxygen. Heart failure is a decrease the in heart's pumping efficiency.

How is the pig heart different from the human heart?

ones in a pig and the others in a human

How many types of heart disease are there?

there two different types of heart disease

How is a boy's heart different from a girl's heart?

based on what the mind thinks, mebbe :)...

What is the age for a heart attack?

Heart attacks can happen at many different ages.

How is a gorilla heart different than a human heart?

Its bigger. Alot bigger.

How many types of Heart diseases are there?

there two different types of Heart disease

What is the stage of the heart cycle in which the heart muscle is relaxed?

There are several different stages in the heart cycle at which different parts of the heart relax, but people are most often concerned about this as it pertains to blood pressure. In that case, the diastolic pressure is when the heart is relaxed.

Why do different people have different heart rates?

Heart rates very in different people depending on a number of factors like obesity, age, heart conditions, fitness level etc.These factors effect how fast the blood must flow to get to the muscles. Also the different activities you are doing will change your heart rates.

What is different about the heart and lungs?

the difference between the heart and the lungs is that they are a different parts of your body. :) ha ha okay the lungs produce oxygen and the heart beats and keeps a pace

Are heart and liver cells the same?

No, they are very different. The cells that make up the liver need to perform a different job from the heart.

Does a tall person have a bigger heart?

Heart sizes are different for each person, usually your heart is about the size of your fist.