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Red Kangaroos

Why are kangaroos so unique?


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September 30, 2010 3:48AM

Kangaroos have powerful legs, and all members of the kangaroo family share this characteristic of large, strong hind legs and short forelegs. Kangaroos are well known for their jumping capabilities and use their long, powerful, muscular tails to help balance.

The female kangaroo has a pouch for the joey (baby). She gives birth to a single undeveloped young which crawls up to the pouch, where it latches on to a teat which swells in its mouth. This secures the young joey in place while it continues its final stages of development.

Because they are constantly on the alert for predators, they have ears with acute sensitivity, which can twist in any direction.

Unlike other grazing animals, kangaroos barely pass any wind. An enzyme in the gut dispels the gas.