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Kids, like all people, are scared of having surgery. This is because it is a new experience, and they might be afraid that it will hurt or that they might die.

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What is it called when a man has surgery to stop having kids?


Can you have kids after having open heart surgery?

You can if it has been at least a year.

Why is Lady Gaga a scared of kids?

she isn't scared of kids

Is Lady Gaga scared of kids?

Lady Gaga isn't scared of kids; she likes them a lot, although some may be scared of her.

How can bullying scare kids?

Bullying can scare kids in many ways. Sometimes kids are scared to go to school because of bully. They are scared they will get beaten up agian. Also they are scared if they tell the teachers, the bullies will get mad at them and beat them up. I never went into bullying but i know it can make kids scared at home and school

Can you scream while having belly surgery?

yes you can scream while having belly surgery

Can you be in the military after having an ankle surgery?

Depends on the nature of the surgery, and the aftermath of that surgery.

Are kids scared of homework?

People are not scared of work - they may not like it, but it's not scary.

Can kids or adults watch a doctor do surgery?

all depends on what surgery it is, and how old the kids are? If they are in college and are taking a certain class

What are some good titles for essay having to do with surgery?


Were children scared of Frankenstein the book?

Some younger kids. I know of a lot of them that were scared of the movie

Why are kids scared of shots?

because they see the needle and get scared its best to tell them to close there eyes

What is the recovery time after having otitis media surgery?

The recovery time after having otitis media surgery is about 2 weeks. Another word for otitis media surgery is middle ear surgery.

If you're going in for anaplasty what sort of surgery are you having?

plastic surgery

How long does Laparoscopy surgery take?

it depends on what kind of surgery you are having.......

Do you have to have a period?

Periods show that you are capable of reproducing. No period, no children. You don't have to have a period if you don't plan on having any kids. Having the ovaries removed I believe stops the period. Some type of surgery on your uterus is required. I Rather Just Have My Period InStead Of Haveing A Surgery D:

Should you fly right before having carpal tunnel surgery or any surgery?

There should be no problem flying before having carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.

The Scream Edvard Munch?

i think that he was scared and wanted to scary the small kids as he was scared and have nightmars when they sleep

Why do Kids Sleep with Stuffed Animals?

scared from monsters

Why are people scared of chucky?

Some people who are scared of chucky are kids, or some kids just don't like what they see the scars that chucky look frightening until they see that the movie is just not horror its stupid silly comedy. Some kids my not be scared when they see the movie. Most kids love the movie "Child's play" for how funny it is.

Is it possible to only have your period once?

only if you get a surgery and if you get that surgery you can not have any kids ever because it is a surgery that cannot be undone

A phobic is scared of what?

A phobic means your scared of lot's of things. For example: You have a phobia about having the lights off at night because your scared of the dark.

Can cyst be treated without having surgery?

You can check for Gamma knife surgery.

Can you get HIV from having surgery?

It would be almost impossible to get infected with HIV from a surgery.

What is the name of a doctor that does surgery on kids?