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Why are legs stronger than arms?

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one of many reasons is because your legs are what support your whole body and that usually leads to more strength.Legs are much superior to arms in Strength afterall they are the only part of body that always stays connected to ground. The stronger they are the better your balance is and more powerful you are.

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Which is stronger your arms or legs?

Your legs are stronger than your hands.

Legs and feet are much stronger than arms in climbing?


Are Legs and feet are much stronger than arms in climbing?

Legs are what support you to climb if not your gunna fall off and die :)

Which muscle is stronger the mouth legs or arms?

the mouth

Are the legs and feet stronger than the arms in rock climbing?

For anyone with a reasonable normal anatomy - yes.

Do girls have stronger legs than men?

Men have stronger legs than women.

Who has stronger legs men or women?

some men have stronger legs than women and some women have stronger legs than men. so their practically equal

Is Soccer better than Basketball because your legs are usually stronger than your arms?

Basketball is better because it uses both legs and arms at the same time stimulating more muscles with the running jumping and many semi squad movements when you are playing! ;)

Why a frog's hind legs are stronger than its front legs?

because the hind legs is used to jump over the land . from the theory of Darwinism the legs are very stronger than its front legs

What is stronger your legs or your neck?

Your legs are much stronger than neck. But your neck is much more important than your legs. You can handle the fracture of leg better than fractures at neck.

Are the legs the strongest part of the human body?

Yes. They can stand about 1500 lbs. before buckling. And, they are 20 times stronger than your back, and 50 times stronger than your arms. If you are not convinced, when was the last time you ran with someone on your back piggy-back style when you were "walking on your arms?"

Who is legs are stronger men or women?

Men have less fat and more muscle, so men are stronger, but not that every man's legs is stronger than every woman's legs

What makes an arm an arm and a not a leg?

An arm is for changing things around us or climbing. A leg is a limb that we walk on. Legs are stronger and not as moveable as arms. cats have legs that are all made for wallking on. Leg muscles are for jumping and balancing. Apes use their arms for balancing as well as their legs. But they are arms, not legs because they use their arms more often for climbing. That is why their arms are not called legs. Humans have both arms and legs. They are designed to stand upright and change things with their arms and hands.

Is a Bonobo stronger than a orangutan?

No orangutans have longer and stronger arms and allow them to swing

Are locust legs stronger than human legs?

no, u can just step on their legs and itll break

How many legs does a hare have?

4 but the back legs are much bigger and stronger than the front legs.

What can athletes train for water polo?

athletes would train there muscule for their legs and arms be stronger need to swim couple laps to be a stronger swimmer

What animals arms are longer than its legs?


Does a rabbit have four legs?

Yes, although the hind (back) legs are longer and stronger than the front legs.

What does monkey have different than humans?

heavy fur coveringlonger arms & shorter legsheavy fur coveringlonger arms & shorter legsheavy fur coveringlonger arms & shorter legsheavy fur coveringlonger arms & shorter legs

How many legs does a gorilla have?

Gorrilas have 2 legs. Although they have four limbs, two are arms an two are legs, not unlike humans. The arms are a t the front and shorter than the legs.

Do turtles have arms and legs?

No, they just have legs, four legs no arms.

Why does gerbils run?

They run to keep them self's fit and healthy and so they develop stronger bones in the legs and arms.

What is a primate that has no tail and arms are longer than legs?


Is three legs or four legs stronger?

Animals with amputated legs, which leaves them with 3 legs, tend to be more weak than anamals with four legs are

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