Why are machine gun not allowed in ambulance?

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obviously because they are dangerous and what if the patient had a seizure and knocked the gun. It would set it off and everyone would die.
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Where can you buy a machine gun?

In the U.S. you can legally buy a full auto through an NFA dealer (commonly called a class 3 dealer). Every gun dealer is not a class 3 dealer. The paperwork takes longer than a regular gun purchase, and only certain machine guns are legal to sell to civilians.

When was the first machine gun invented?

-answer- the first machine gun was invented during world war 1 (WW1). -feedback- my problem with this answer. is that it does not say the name ofthe gun more specifically nor does it say the nationstate that gotthis technology first, where as the first rapid fire turrent was inthe year 1862 and it ( Full Answer )

What is a machine gun?

A machine gun is basically an automatic rifle, it has working gas parts which means that the bolt can cock itself instead of a manual cock, therefore the gun can fire faster, if you watch a video of a machine gun you will see the working parts moving backwards and forwards on their own this is the a ( Full Answer )

What are machine guns?

A machine gun, is a self-loading gun that can fire multiple shots with a single actuation of a trigger. It will fire for as long as the trigger is held pulled or pressed or until the ammunition runs out. Machine guns are also called automatic guns, or fully automatic, to distinguish from semi-auto s ( Full Answer )

What was the machine gun?

Since its creation, the machine gun has developed from big and heavy to small and light. There were technically machines since at least the 1700s, but the ones that were actually used were basically shaped as artillery pieces with multiple barrels (ex: The gatling gun was used in the American-Sp ( Full Answer )

When was the machine gun first used?

Russians used tri-pod mounted machineguns (quite successfully) against the Japanese during the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905.

Where can i purchase a am180 machine gun?

you can buy one from me if you can legally licence it . i am a legally licenced owner. you can contact me in south Africa on my mobile 0843030203

Why was the machine gun invented?

to protect,and defend ourself without any worry.also to fight in the war without using our bear hands

When were machine guns made?

The earliest versions of machine guns were around during the 1700's, with the gatling gun patented in 1884 being the first that was fully automatic (firing required only the trigger to be held). the more modern machine guns would be worked on throughout WWI on into WWII, when the modern machine gun ( Full Answer )

What is the range of a machine gun?

The "typical" maximum effective range of a 7.62mm NATO machinegun is approximately 700-1000 M depending of course on the abilities of the gunner. This can vary with the addition of optical sights and the mounting of the machinegun. If the MG is mounted on a tripod it will be more accurate than a sha ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of the machine gun?

They are heavy to carry. The M-60 machine gun used by Grunts in Vietnam weighed approximately 21 pounds; the .308 ammunition (7.62mm NATO) weighed several pounds more; especially when carrying 300 rounds. Two hundred (in two belts) rounds came in one ammo can.. As long as a GI can carry & feed the ( Full Answer )

What gun did machine gun kelly use?

The Thompson submachine gun. The weapon was chambered for the .45 caliber Colt automatic pistol round. It was developed for the Army as an assault weapon, and was used as such through WW2 and even Vietnam. Unfortunately, it was also enormously popular with gangsters. Ironically, Kelly never k ( Full Answer )

What is an machine gun?

A machine gun is a firearm that with one pull of the trigger will feed and fire 2 or more rounds in succession. Most machine guns are belt fed and fire high powered rifle ammunition. Similar weapons include Assault Rifles and Sub-machine Guns which fire intermediate and pistol caliber rounds.. An e ( Full Answer )

What new machines were armed with the machine gun?

Both the M113 APC (used as an ACAV in Vietnam) and the M551 Sheridan tank (Airborne Armored Assault Reconnaissance Vehicle) were both new in Vietnam; 1962 and 1969 respectively. Both were constructed of aluminum (the Sheridan's turret & 152mm main gun were steel) and both were equipped with Browning ( Full Answer )

How do you make a machine gun?

Manufacture of machine guns is stringently regulated by the US Government. Your first step will be to apply for a license as a manufacturer of machine guns, and pay the several thousand dollar license fee. Failure to do so is punishable by 10 years in prison, and a fine of $250,000.

What is a machine gun simulator?

During the 80's, while on maneuvers, the US Army often had available a gas/oxygen type hook-up with tubes and cords feeding into a mock-up .50 machinegun. It sounded loud and real, and never ran out of ammo (until the steel tanks were empty). It was an enjoyable experience; in contrast to real fifti ( Full Answer )

Attack of a machine gun fire?

Enfilade/defilade fires, direct fire, indirect fire, fire suppression, final protective lines.. there's a few different types, and it's impossible to be specific with a question worded so vaguely as this one is.

What was the machine gun nest?

it is an established machine gun position. Because the gun implacement is usually round and deep, it appears like a 'bird's nest' from a distance i.e., MACHINE GUN NEST

When was the Tommy machine gun made?

The Thompson submachine gun was developed between 1917 and 1919 by John T. Thompson. They went into production in 1921 at the Auto-Ordinance Company, though production has since moved to Birmingham Small Arms, Colt, and Savage Arms. They are still produced today. If you're interested in owning a Th ( Full Answer )

How does a sub machine gun work?

basically like a normal machine gun its just smaller for better maneuverability. A submachine gun works by cycling the bolt carrier rearwards to cock the weapon. When the bolt carrier is released by depressing the trigger, it moves forward chambering a round, locking the bolt and then firing. The ( Full Answer )

Can you sell a grease gun machine gun?

You would need the correct Federal Firearms dealer's license, that permits dealing in automatic weapons. Its likely however that the US government would consider the weapon still to be government property.

What was a machine gun used in the war?

Vietnam war: Medium MGs- 1. USA/USMC used the M60 belt fed machine gun, equipped w/bi-pod. 2. NVA used the drum fed RPD. Vietnam war: Heavy MGs- 1. USA/USMC used the M2 Browning .50 caliber mgs. 2. NVA used the .51 caliber often tri-pod mounted.

Why did machine guns have to be on a flat surface?

They don't- but are most effective when firing over ground that uniformly slopes away from the gun. This permits "grazing" fire- all bullets travel at the height of a man.

Are machine guns illegal?

Depends on where you are, and who you are. In the MOST of the US, it is legal for a private citizen to own a machine gun, but it is strongly regulated. To purchase a machine gun, you must be 21, be able to own a firearm, pass a background and fingerprint check, have approval from local law enforceme ( Full Answer )

How destructive is the machine gun?

Hiram Maxim's machine gun -- arguably the most effective man-portable instrument of death ever made -- literally transformed warfare in the first part of the 20th century. Before its invention, wars were fought in a series of engagements between groups of mobile troops firing single-shot or bolt-act ( Full Answer )

Who makes m240 machine gun?

Fabrique Nationale USA. The M240 is a variant of the FN MAG, originally manufactured by Fabrique Nationale (Belgium) in the late 1950s, and produced under licence in a number of countries (as well as an unlicenced production in the Peoples Republic of China).

What impact did machine guns have on the war?

The machine gun caused 90%+ of the casualties during WW1, so it effected it greatly. The machine rejected trench assaults as it allowed you to mow down your attackers before they could even reach you.

What is an MP5 sub machine gun?

9mm submachine gun of German design, made by Heckler & Koch. Made in the 1960's. The MP5 is currently one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world. Its successor is the Heckler & Kock UMP.

Who can own the machine guns?

Anyone who meets all the federal, state and local requirements. Contac the BATFE on line website and visit thier FAQ site.

Where can you buy a machine gun OR where could you shoot a machine gun?

If you live in a state where machine guns are legal, you must find a shooting range that is a class III dealer and has a machine gun to rent. Otherwise, to legally shoot one, you have to find someone who owns a machine gun and let them take you to the range.

How were Sub machine guns used?

Originally, they provided of short range rapid fire firepower as a compliment to the full caliber bolt action and semi automatic rifles of the time. They've been largely replaced in this role by modern assault rifles. They were also used by personnel who needed a weapon which could be accessible in ( Full Answer )

Which gun is better machine guns or rifles?

well it depends. in short range, machine guns w/ their rapid fire and long clip, it can take out infantry better than a rifle. in long range, rifles are more accurate and really good to take out infantry if u r hiding in a bunker or somehting.

What is the most used machine gun?

the AK-47 is by far the most used machine-gun to date, it is estimated that 1 billion people have been killed with this weapon in armed conflicts ranging from Africa to Eastern Europe to the Middle East to Central Asia to Southeast Asia… Except that the AK-47 is not a machine gun, if you want ( Full Answer )

Are machine guns legal in the us?

Yes, but they are highly restricted by laws passed in 1934, 1968, and 1986. The paperwork to possess a machine gun takes months to be processed. Possession without this paperwork is a federal felony worth 10 years in federal prison.

Can narwhals operate machine guns?

Yes, they are beasty and kill unicorns and dragons with their 105 caliber sable round blastin' awesomeness

Can a machine gun have a silencer?

Yes, but normally "submachineguns" (small machineguns that use pistol-caliber ammo) are better to put silencers on, since they use less gunpowder and have lower pressures in the barrel. A real rifle-caliber machinegun CAN be used with a special kind of silencer designed to hold up to the heat and pr ( Full Answer )

Are machine guns light?

Some machine guns are and some are not. The answer would be yes and no.

Are machine guns fast?

Yes, machine guns are much faster than Gatling guns. Gatling guns must be hand cranked and fed bullets at the same but machine guns does not have to be hand cranked. All they needs are bullets. Machine guns also fire more bullets faster than Gatling guns.

What machine gun is the Worlds fastest machine guns?

The Metal Storm is the World's fastest machine gun. It fires 1660 bullets in every second up to 1 million rounds in one minute. It's a machine gun that has no trigger or any hammer, it can be unmanned without having some to crank it up. The metal storm open fires automatically because the computer i ( Full Answer )

What machine gun the worlds fastest machine gun?

The Metal Storm is the World's fastest machine gun. It fires 1660 bullets in every second up to 1 million rounds per minute without having someone to crank it up. The Metal Storm can be an unmanned machine gun and can open fire automatically because the computer is operating the machine gun. No othe ( Full Answer )

Which is correct machine gun or automatic machine gun?

Machine gun or machinegun. All of them are automatic, so it is redundant to say that. There is no such thing as a semi automatic machine gun, or a single shot machine gun. That answer is correct, but many people use the term fully automatic machine gun or full auto machine gun to specify they are n ( Full Answer )

Who is in an ambulance?

Ambulances are commonly staffed in two person crews. The type of licensure these people have depend on the type of ambulance they are operating in. There are two different types of ambulances: Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). A BLS truck is staffed with at least one EMT-Bas ( Full Answer )